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  1. i have a 400 watt metal halide 8 buckets 5 gall each 9 square feet to work with some ventaltion and a 400watt bulb that is writing it sayes metalarc lamp metal halide halogenues is this all that i and what i need thanx for the help well i no what i need and i got every thing the only thing that i dont no is if my bulb will work i have good experiance outdoor trying to get in the indoor seen sorry about spelling so ya all i really need to no is if the lamp i have would work SOME1 HELP
  2. woody is right about yeild..i flowered under a mh light once and never did it again..i since bought a hps conversion bulb that works in the mh ballist and the yield was allmost double than with the mh...use the mh for vegging then get the hps conversion bulb.for flowering you won't be can find them on the net for around $ are the cheapest on this type of bulb..i looked everywhere and everyone else wants $100...good luck
  3. yes i agree with all of that, but more importantly you will need
  4. ok smart ass forgot dirt...and
  5. ok thanx for the help ill let u all no how it goes u all have a good harvest lol

  6. lol...........

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