Do I have the right idea on how to reclaim?

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  1. Hello all, I bought I pricy rig and am just curious if I'm doing this right before I potentially break it or ruin my chance at getting resin.

    1) swish rubbing alcohol (preferably 90%) in piece
    2) Pour liquid into bowl
    3) Place into oven at 175 for an hour to remove the alcohol

    Does that sound about right? Anyone know how much res you'll think I'll get based on estimation? Like a quad of wax smoked will get me roughly how much res, for example. Thanks in advance!
  2. If you plan to save the reclaim to ingest, I would highly recommend you just get some high proof grain alcohol like Everclear. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is very toxic and shouldnt be used to make anything that will be smoked/eaten, topicals is pretty much all I would use it for. I like to save all the alcohol from cleaning my rigs until its nice and saturated and then evap/purge it all at once, rather than just getting a little bit here and there. When I save it up, I winterize it before evaporating it too. I freeze that shit for like 2-3 days and then put it through as small of filters as I can, which is generally 1.6-8 micron. You dont have to do that but I would recommend it because there usually is some shit that you can filter out like bits of carbon that might've gotten scraped off your nail when dabbing etc. so I like to filter it as best I can.

    and how much reclaim you get is dependent on a few factors like how cold your ambient temperatures are and how hot you do your dabs. hot dabs tend to leave more claim IME. and the colder your room or rig is the faster you'll produce claim, its basically distillation happening inside your rig.

  3. Thanks for the detailed answer it was very informal. Now I was planning on only smoking the reclaim, is there anyway to go about that without harming myself? Putting it in the oven wouldn't remove the alcohol from the wax?
  4. when using IPA the oven isnt enough in my experience. The only way I got IPA extracted claim to actually be clean was a couple runs in the oven and vac purging at high temps. I would whip the shit out of it and then vac it until all the bubbles were gone and repeat that process many times over. Its not worth it to use poison like IPA, I would just buy some 190 proof everlcear and save it all up in a jar/bottle and then evaporate it all when you have a decent amount saved up.

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