Do i have social anxiety

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  1. Is this social anxiety or does it happen to everyone every now an then

    (Im just using this kid as an example)
    For example this one kid in my class asked me a question and i answered him, but i got all nervous and panicked when he asked me. But ......this was the same kid who's ass i beat in front of my entire school.

    Sometimes random questions will like throw me off and cause me to sort of panic and get nervous, does this happen to anyone else?

    Sry if this don't make any sense:smoking:
  2. Do you find your self in big crowds and thinking all of them are looking at you and maybe your hair is a bit greasy and you hide from them and as well when taking bites from food you don't feel comfortable. Around girls, you find your self never social, etc? Not a lot of eye contact, etc.

    That's what I got and it's def social anxiety. I'm still struggling with this.
  3. I have social anxiety also....:(
  4. No i don't have any of those kinds of problems

    But does that shyt happen to anyone else? Were your asked a random question and sometimes u panic and ur eyes get watery and you cant speak clearly for no reason at all?
  5. But yeah mayne, that's a symptom of social anxiety. It's all in the head, sooner or later we just figure it out and it stops. A good treatment, I hear is some shrooms or LSD. A spirtual trip can cure anything in the mind.
  6. I always wanted to try psychedelics, just never got the chance. How has it worked out for you?

  7. Heyyyy that's me!! Was me.. Been on Zoloft for about 4 months, started toking recently.. The Zoloft helped a lot, and the mj put everything over the top.. My anxiety is virtually gone!
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    Yes, I've used psycobilin mushrooms before and only ate a half of an eighth. Def not enough to trip, just felt kind of dumb. If I was not at a party (which is stupid) and had an eighth and was in my room thinking about all these things..

    Let me tell you, I'd be clear of this shit.

    Very great friend I have, big tripper. He used to be the most anti-social fuck. He's now running inside party's givin' beers to pretty random ladies and chattin'.

    As well, I've heard many many successful stories on psychedelics with fixing your mental problems.

    But yes, I would totally recommend you to find some psychedelics to help your symptom as well, you might find more than you were actually looking for (in a positive way). :)

    Yes indeed, the Zoloft may help while your on it.. But it's only hiding it till you end your prescription. Try to figure out the problem in your mind, takes some time.. But get to know your real self hidden in there. The problem will not only be gone, but you'd feel a lot more better than the Zoloft treatin' you.
  9. Its great to here that someone as anti-social as your friend can recover like that
  10. No dude, you're okay. That shits completely normal. If it starts to occur more often then definitely tell someone as it could be serious.
  11. Alright tnx man, just came to me and i had to ask :smoking:
  12. vitamins are always good too. I've found even b-6 + calcium on a regular basis helps my ADD.
  13. I take b-6 regularly

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