Do I Have Seeds??? Or Am I Just Tripping???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DankNess, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Today was a normal day i was spendn time wit my baby and i decided to experiment by taking a friends advice, and chopping the tip off one of my babys lower branch colas... so i did this with a pair of "bud only" toe nail clippers and inside looked like baby seeds???? now by baby seeds i mean baby and clear?.. it seemed to me they were inside where a pistol would come out.... is this just what produces the white hair or is it a baby seed? im freakn out there is no way she got pollenated and other then the new finding seemed to be a bomb strand of skunk or somethin... here is a crap pic of what i found... anyone????

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  2. Can you get any better pics?
  3. Yeah the quality of the pic sucks can't tell....
  4. Often times those seed pods can be false (false seed pods). Sometimes otherwise female plants produce a few seeds. Rarely plants can get fertilized by no apparent means (usually a male plant out in the wild or pollen left over from a male that was once in the room). Wait longer to see what they are. You will tell towards the end of flowering if you do see seeds if they start to "shell out" of the pods.
  5. its common for females to produce small immature seeds occasionally... they wont be proper seeds tho and will not germinate :) dont worry2much
  6. Wait a little while to see how it developes and then take some better pictures.
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  9. sorry bout the shitty pics yall but the things in question are so damn small its unreal.... i think i may be jumpin the gun... the are pure see threw clear and i think i saw a pistol comin out of one on a different cola.. i will keep an eye on em and post a better pic in a few... DANK is the wickedst sickest KRONIK. DANK nugs is that straight fire... there is other meanings as well.. whats it to you??? NESS is my nick name and short for GUIN-NESS.. in which i devour by the pint!!! DAnkNEss is like chronic -Ness thats the most Dankness shit iv eva seen... and DANK n Guinness...BRIllianT!!
  10. too blury to tell, a clearer pic would help but i have never experiecned anything like that
    anyone elses input?:confused:
  11. the fn things are so small that the camera wont get it. im going to get a better pic with my ladys camera.. they are clear and i honestly think that they are what the white pistols come out of.. i could be wrong so im gonna watch them till i know fo sho and if they are i will harvest early f all that...
  12. here is a way better camera takin some premo pics

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  13. looks like a malformed seed

    the shape of unferted ones (IE bud) is more like a tulip while the seed forming is more ball like

    It's probably not gonna effect your harvest ..I've seen it many times even in dank ass buds

    you'll notice 'em when you dry cure and grind that herb in a mendo or similar grinder.. they stand out like a sore thumb and resemble red pepper bits

    I've seen about 1-2 per ounce so its no biggie
  14. i dunno t... the first pic is before i topped it.. then the secound one is after i cut the top off.. i kinda think they are just what the pistols come out of... like baby fals seed pods that contain pistols... time will tell

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