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Do I have mold on my weed? *NOW WITH PICS ON PAGE 2*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tempmang, May 15, 2011.

  1. #1 tempmang, May 15, 2011
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    OK, so I got some pretty dry crispy weed I picked up about 2 weeks ago. I read somewhere that putting an orange peel in with the weed for a while is a good way to add a bit of moisture, and even flavor to the weed.

    So I went and got a mandarin orange from the kitchen about a week ago. They had been sitting there for a while, and they were getting kind of soft spongy peels just a little bit (and the orange starts smelling too sweet/tangy a bit), but it wasn't tooo bad. I saw no mold. So I did that, left a piece of the peel in the weed sack for 1 day.

    The next day the weed smells a bit different, so I thought cool, orange-infused weed! I saw no mold on either the bud or the peel, so I thought it was all good.

    Now it's a week later and the weed still seems fine. The smell is still like it was when I took the peel out of the bag. I inspected the weed with a magnifying glass and could find no mold. So to be safe, I chopped open a nug to see if anything was there. Couldn't see anything, but on a few of the little pieces of sweetleaf there was a bit of brown. Not brown hairs, just a brown discoloration on some of the leaves. That's fine, right?

    What do you think about this weed? Should I chuck it because it's too risky?
  2. Sounds moldy,
    better send it to me for further inspection.:smoke:
  3. chopped up a bug?
    I hope you mean chopped up a nug..

  4. Whoops, fixed.

  5. Haha:smoke:

    But nahh it doesn't sound horrible at least, just smoke it all real quick;). That will definitely keep it from getting moldy.
  6. dont trip, just smoke it.
  7. Thanks for the opinions. Anybody else have input, been in similar scenarios?
  8. You'll be fine. It's just a fruit from God's green Earth. The same Earth that grows your marijuana !
  9. SO it has been a week since I took out the peel and I see no mold.

    Should I be ok?
  10. not mold, that certain part probably just got burned or overheated or something.

  11. nah bro your good, let me know how it tastes
  12. OK, thanks. Argh, I'm so worried though! Am I just being paranoid?

  13. i'd say dont worry cos it doesn't sound bad. but if you wanna be 100% safe just break the piece that has the discolouration and smoke the rest :smoke:

    how big is it anyway?
  14. dont have a worried mindset going into it or you may have a bad trip... its probably fine and just enjoy your fruity ass high

  15. And grows poison ivy :p:smoke:
  16. I don't know, it's just some of the leaves look like they have brown parts along the leaf veins here and there. Or just the trichome clusters in those areas look kinda brown.
  17. Here, I'll get some pictures. Stick around please!
  18. K, I got some pics of intact nugs and the ground up stuff. All comes from the same sac.

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  19. No mold from what I see.
  20. It doesen't look mouldy to me..

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