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Do i have enough to make green dragon?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by helloduo, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I have half a water bottle of 80 proof vodka and aobut 3 grams of shake and stems. Is this enough to make Green Dragon and will i have any good effects?, its about 5 shots of vodka.
  2. If your talking about brewing the stalks and stuff (I never have heard it called Green Dragon) then no you havent got enough. I have done it but I put all the fat stalks of about 10 ounces into it and let it brew for a full year and it got me FUCKED. It takes a while...
  3. oh and its the shake of really good mids. not very much leaves. and there is barely any stems.
  4. yea it'll work, you just wont have a large amount of it though.
  5. well i know i won't have a lot. its only 5 shots. but do you think like me and friend could have a good time with it?
  6. Try get a few more stalks and let it brew for at least a week
  7. Its 3 grams of pretty much pure bud. except its shake and i hate smoking shake. I don't really get very much stems in the weed around here.
  8. Yehhhh it should work, stalks come off weed in more bulk like Z's.
  9. well do you think making a few firecrackers with chocolate graham crackers, and honey peanut butter, or regular peanut butter, would be a better idea?
  10. nah, stick with the vodka (its vodka ur still gona get pretty tipsy). have a joint or something to smoke afterwerds or sumthing
  11. I've never done edibles or green dragon. which one do you think will give me a better high effect? I'm not that excited about feeling tipsy, to let you know.
  12. you guys will have fun. think about it, your both doing it so you get like 1.5g each. That would fuck you guys up lol
  13. haha i know i'mma get fucked. but will i get more fucked up off edibles or would it be the same. cause if its the same i'd just do the edibles and sell the vodka
  14. I dont know that much about eating it, from my experience of doing it it does get you really quite stoned but it takes a while and u come up off it really slowly
  15. i think i'm going to wait for more people to respond to decide, but thanks for your quick responces bros
  16. eating it makes it stay in your system longer. Id suggest you either make the green dragon, or make some ISO hash and then take shots of the vodka.
  17. I live in circumstances that i need to stay as stealth as possible. if that leads to any ansewr.
  18. how messy or smelly is iso to make?
  19. its not not messy or smelly at all. It does take some time though, cause it has to evaporate ( if you use that method) just read up how to make it, i think theres a sticky somewhere.
  20. yeah bro, thanks. i'll read up on it

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