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Do i have enough for a firecracker?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by JohnnyJakes, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. The name says it all i got anout .2 of some really dank but dont know if its enough for a firecracker...and it might be more like .1 or .15 i dont have a scale
  2. No you do not.
  3. How much do i need?
  4. At least .5
  5. Is it actually worth making one of these vs smoking the same amount? How different r the effects?
  6. If you want a true edible high, make oils or cannabutter, It's more of a body stone but it gets you higher for a much longer time then smoking, two to three times as long. Firecrackers do not work as well as oils or cannabutter, but they still work sort of.
  7. Havent heard of cannabutter is it easy to make? And would .2 work for that?
  8. Nah id say the minimum would be .4 and it would have to be fairly dank
  9. No, but you can make single servings if you so wished(just use the appropriate amount of butter to weed ratio), and check badkittysmiles thread at the top of this, it shows you how to make all kinds of good things including butter. Trust me it is worth it, even if you just make a single dose and put it onto something, the high is very nice and lasts a long time so its good for conserving bud!
  10. [quote name='"JohnnyJakes"']Havent heard of cannabutter is it easy to make? And would .2 work for that?[/quote]

    Pretty easy, stinks like ass while cooking tho, and NO .2 is not enough
  11. Sure it is, I just grabbed a pinch of grinded up good nug mixed it with peanut butter baked it for 30 minutes and im feeling pretty content, just not blasted

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