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Do I have Bronchitus?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ammaStunner, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. I have all the symptoms but only after I smoke out of a Bong or smoke a Blunt, Or smoke too much Ciggaretts

    But If I don't touch any of those things then Im fine,

    But they say if you have acute bronchitus, you will be feeling the symptoms all day.

    Have you guys gone to the hosiptal for something like this? if yes tell me your opinion of my situation

    thanx in advance yall
  2. i would not smoke anything for a few days and then see what happens. if it pertains, you should go to a doctor dude.Much love, keep it lit!
  3. Yeah, don't go rushing to a hospital, but seeing your doctor is never a bad move, and you might mention you smoke, its something your doctor should know.
  4. Stop smoking ciggarettes.

    No really though, if it's something that is causing you some concern I highly suggest going to a doctor about it. I mean, even if it is nothing the mental stress on you that it COULD be something is extreamly high, which isn't healthy anyway.

    So go see a doctor! He'll probably say "Quit smoking and come back in 30 days," but at least thats better than not going.
  6. i dont think that broncitus, the smoke aggitates your lung probably
  7. ya mayb ur just getting emphazima (sp?).............. lol jkin that would suck.

    but if u have bronchitus as i have many times it doesnt flare up and down, when u have it u have it for a while. 2 weeks for me with precription pills and crap.

    if your coughin up boogers then mayb ya u have it, or ur just pissing ur lungs off and they want to get u back :D
  8. I got a lung infection once while smoking alot, apparently it was some virus, but it made my lungs very sore, and i was insanely congested cause i smoked the first few days thinking it was a cold. After that I stopped smoking got on some anti biotics and it took like a week or two to heal. I waited a little bit til i smoked again but then got right back at it and been fine since. The smoking made me so congested it was hard to breath alot of mucus, so i'd recommend not smoking.

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