do i have anxiety?

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  1. ok so alot of my fam. members have anxiety and i think i may have it aswell. almost every nite i lay in my bed and i cant help but think about death idk why. when i do i start freaking out and think about my parents dying and it freaks me the fuck out. and when i am in public i think that people are looking at me and talking about me and shit.

    when i am about to go to sleep i will take a couple bong hits until im chill and lay in da bed. then i will think on purpose to see how i react and i dont give a shit lol and when i smoke a fat blunt or take a couple bong hits i love walking around the mall or going to the store. is that anxiety, and if so if i moved to a mmj state do you think i could get a card?
  2. a mixture of anxiety and a strong fear of death... sounds like my past self. You can get over it, depending on how long it's been happening.
  3. I would say you may have anxiety. Keep smokin bud. It helps a lot. :smoke:
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    ya kinda sounds like it. a lot of ppl have it. its diffrent for everyone.

    i have a fear of cash registers. i hate buying stuff. i'm scared i won't have enough money, or i'll just do something that looks stupid. and theres a big line behind me, with everyone watching.... i just hate it.

    got a lot of other problems too. it seems endless.

    like right now i need to buy cigs. my dad just stopped by and asked if i want to go to the store with him. i really want my cigs. but just thinking about it is putting me in a cold sweat. man this is going to suck.

    edit: oh and to answer your question. you should be able to get a card for anxiety. it helps if you been on meds for it already, and you tell them the meds have odd side effects or their just not working. but don't quote me on that, i really don't know for sure.

  5. i was scared of my moms dieing and fam members dieing but i told myself that we all have to die. your parents will die. visualize how you are going to live life after they die so you can be prepared to live a happy productive life and not end up suicding/overdose from depression.

    i personally dont think anyone should have any fears. there is no boundries in life only the ones we place on ourselves. whatever you are scared of, you have to approach, experience, visualize. like girls and weak guys (no offence) who are afraid of like little ass spiders. when its like climbing the wall their scared of it. wtf is it gonna do jump on you bite you, kill you... no. take a napkin and squish the damn thing. it will be ripped in pieces. and like afraid of heights, i was too at one point. then i went on out on the balcony that i was afraid of falling off, and i held the railing firmly and prepared myself for even the railing faling by like sitting back. i think people should try to be stronger mentally and try to overcome boundries. alot of people dont even try to overcome their fears... thats what i find stupid. end rant/ im high
  6. those two are bad for your health, bad for your life!!
  7. Sounds like anxiety to me.

    I always think I'm going to hit and kill an innocent person everytime I drive. Shit just won't get outta my head when I'm behind the wheel.
  8. alrite thanx for all the info guys it has been very helpful.

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