Do I have all of the equipment to grow? (3 pics included)

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  1. I'm not entirely sure if I have all of the right equipment to grow a plant successfully.
    I've attached 3 pictures of what I've used previously when I tried to grow just once haha.
    In securedownload, the light is not encased with glass at the bottom or on the sides like I've seen my friends' have. The bulb is 600 watts.
    In securedownload(1), it shows how big the light is.
    In securedownload(2), that is the box I'm using.. Not sure what it's called because I don't care, as long as it works haha. It has 50%, 75%, 100% and s-bright settings for the light.

    When I went to the hydro store, the guy told me that this was all that I needed. I'm afraid that without an encased bulb the plant will burn or something?

    I just need help. x_x Thanks in advance..

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  2. Yea that great just make sure the temps in your room say cool enough...hps is more for flowering but I've used it for veg just fine...lower it to where it feels warm but not hot on your hand thats right over the leaves and keep a fan blowing on the plant also

  3. Awesome :) Why are hps more for flowering? They're just more powerful?
    And is a ceiling fan fine or should it be a smaller one right beside the plant?
  4. HPS is more red spectrum which promotes less growth and more budding..MH is more blue which is good for veg growth...I put a fan right by them so it's blowing it semi hard...not blowing it over but strong enough to strengthen the branches and keep spider mites away...they dont like airflow..ceiling fan will work if it blows it enough

  5. Do you recommend an MH? Because I'd be willing to buy one if it'll be easier.
    I'll just use a smaller one then. The ceiling fan isn't all that great.
  6. I just looked up your ballast and it says it's switchable so all you need is a 600w MH can then use it at 75% or 100% depending on heat can probably find one relatively cheap if you have the cash

  7. Oh you meant the bulb? I thought you meant the box thing.
    What does HP and MH stand for?
  8. High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide...since you have a digital ballast you just need a regular 600w MH bulb not a conversion one...they're like 40+ bucks..but like I said the HPS will work for also will want some compact florescent to start them under until they're big enough to put under the bigger light

  9. Okay, thanks. I need to write all of this down..
    And compact florescent is another bulb too? I'm going to be getting some new clones here in a week or two.
  10. Yea this page has everything you need to know just use the search..there's also plenty of books the one I use is The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible..good luck it's not too hard once you get the basics down

  11. Thank you again. :)

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