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Do i have a tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rayman8976, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. #1 Rayman8976, Jun 8, 2011
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    Hey guys ive only been smoking for about 6 months now the first 2 months i wasnt smoking that often but after that i started smoking about once a day sometimes twice but only a bowl or joint usually split with someone else. But within the past month ive smoked like .5 to a gram to myself a day, so now im starting to think i have a tolerance but im not really sure. I still feel like im getting really high when i smoke i just handle it better i guess i dont act as weird, i feel like no matter how much i smoke i can usually act pretty sober still if i have to but back when i first started i just couldnt really control myself as well.

    My question is am i starting to have a tolerance or do you think im just getting more used to being high that i can handle it better? And if its my tolerance how long should i take a t break for?


    Also i forgot to add that its almost always mids that im smoking ive only smoked dank like 10 times probably.
  2. Yes. And you said you're still getting mad high so why would you take a t break?
  3. dont smoke for 4 days, then start again. you wont have a tolerance anymore
  4. Yeah you got a tolerance. I have a theory that even the chillest people can still geek like a motherfucker if they don't got any tolerance and smoke some good dank.
  5. I've wondered this same thing, but I'm not convinced. I took a 2 week tolerance break before 4/20 and then smoked a BUNCH on 4/20 and I still never really got to that silly uncontrollable high. I think that you just learn to control it better, and I doubt that can be unlearned very quickly. Hopefully I'm wrong though.
  6. Could've been the bud or hitting a plateau.
  7. I wish I still got that high..
  8. If you smoke weed, then feel high.. you're high. You probably have something of a tolerance, but not really. Smoke better shit before you tolerance break unless you don't have access.
  9. This is how the tolerance starts

    Soon, you'll be smoking much more for less effect..

  10. You americans must get some amazing weed where you have to use a few bits i have to put about 0.6g in a spliff
  11. Everyone has a tolerance.
  12. Probably a mix of tolerance and knowing how to control yourself. The first few highs are always the best you will ever have, and you cant replicate them ever again, just my opinion though.

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