Do I have a smart meter? The verdict!

Discussion in 'Security' started by Apu42, May 6, 2011.

  1. Email to electric company:
    Good morning! My son tells me he can go online to his electircity provider an see all his energy use by the our he says it help cut his energy use so i looked everywere on your website but i cant find this feature???? Would be a good tool for u guys to offer or maybe i just cant find it on your site?? Please help
    I have no son, nor am I illiterate.... Muahahahahaah!

    The response:
    be happy to assist you.
    Unfortunately, [xxxxxxxxx] does not have this service available at this time. In order for this to be enabled a specific meter would need to be installed that measures and records hourly use. We do offer an Energy Calculator on-line to help you better understand your  electric consumption and reduce your electric bill.  I have included the web address for your convenience.

    I am now 100% worry-free about my new hobby :)

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