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do i have a problem?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by happy tree, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. okay so, i'm relatively new to the smoking scene, i've only been REALLY high only a couple times so far, but today i smoked a bowl of some good quality weed (strain name unknown) all for myself and i got really fucked up.
    the problem with me is when i get really high, i just end up falling asleep. like i'll sit on the couch with the tv on and eat some food then i'm jus like "now i wanna take a nap" and i'll wake up 4 hours later no longer feeling high, just burnt out.

    what do you i suggest i do to keep myself awake when i'm high? :confused:
  2. go places.. like a mall or chill with friends
  3. Yea, smoke with friends. You'll stay awake in fear of not knowing the stupid shit that they'll do to you once you fall asleep.
  4. Stop thinkin this. I mean it is your choice that you are crashing out, make yourself stay up. Maybe you are sleep deprived? I don't know man.
  5. i use to do the exact same thing man every time i smoked not much later id be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it took me awhile to get over it and i was a big time social smoker trick is u gotta force urself awake itll be hard at first but just keep doing it when u smoke alone dont smoke so much at once build up a little tolerance and pretty soon ull get to enjoy a full high w.o the falling asleep
  6. aight, thanks for all the advice.
    i think i sort of prefer toking alone, or else i would have gone out with a couple friends today and even smoked them up, but i like chillin at home and thinking and jus having some space and not being really paranoid. lol im always paranoid around groups of people and i find that sometimes it's not as enjoyable, even if it does keep me awake.
    what would happen if i drank a caffeinated beverage after smoking? would it keep me awake or somehow cancel out the high?
  7. It wouldnt cancell the high, and it would make you stay awake thats what my friends do, I hate those energy drinks, i usually do ice coffe. But like everyone said you need to DO something. Watching TV, laying down in bed, or having lights off usually is what would make me tired.

    I used to have same problem as you but not so much anymore unless its late
  8. When i first started smoking, i would load a bowl the size of a pea (no joke) and i would be crashed within a few hours.
  9. Smoke less
  10. #10 tyrone96, Feb 21, 2009
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    nah man just takes some getting used to... I used to be the same way.

    lol when i started smoking i used to get REALLY high because my buddy had a gravity bong and i'd smoke so much then it would all hit me... i panicked and thought i was going to die, i went to my room (we lived in a dorm) and i frantically started googling shit about what weed does to you, ended up falling asleep on my computer and waking up the next afternoon.

    now I get just as high, but it's on purpose, and I stay awake and enjoy every minute of it
  11. Thomas Jefferson (Of the Constitution) spent many a wonderful time smoking cannabis and contemplating things on the back porch, looking out over the landscape.

    I believe the quote is:
    "Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as the eye can see"

    Sativas are excellent for that kinda thinking. :)
  12. Are you fucking serious?
    Wow he is cool.
    Favorite president.
  13. Wowww.
    Failure here.
    Who see's where the failure is? :)

  14. Lol ive seen people who fall asleep and wake up with unibrows mustaches and all sorts of things on their face.
  15. sometimes i get really high nd get tired but if i stay awake 4 alil bit nd come down i aint tired nomore nd then i start smoking again but its easier 2 stay awake wen u hav a bit of tolerance nd u can enjoy the high instead of passing out
  16. You can smoke with friends but is there anything wrong with taking a weed nap? lol
  17. Look on the bright side though, if you're anything like me you have hilarious dreams when you're high, i always get a laugh when i wake up from a weed nap.

    Still prefer staying awake though
  18. weed naps just dont do it for me... i love the feeling of being about to fall asleep when high, but then i wake up like 4 hours later and the high is gone so i feel like i wasted my high, you know?
    and i dont usually have dreams during my weed naps :(
  19. Smoke some Cindy.
    Cinderalla-99 is some super racy stuff. It's also a 10-15 minute creeper.

    Take a few hits and wait 15 minutes the first time you pick up a sack of her. If you toke till you're 'Good' you're gonna have shaking hands and be quite uncomfortably high about 10 minutes later. Just a few tokes is all you need of her and you're super peachy.

    Off the charts smoke when grown properly. :D

    Sativas generally have a much higher energy level than indica varieties.
    Since indicas grow fast short and HEAVY, you only see indica. It's a black market situation peeps.

    Sativas take longer to flower out and generally yield less than indicas. Excellent haze genetics hardly yield at all and can take 6 months to flower. For a drug dealer they're not worth it as they can grow faster flowering, heavier yielding indicas that are super stoney, make you eat your fridge and pass out dope.

    Grow your own sativas. OR find a good source of qualtiy grown. You'll thank yourself. :)
  20. Idk man,
    maybe it's the strain your smoking.

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