Do I have a potassium problem here?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smokie Bear, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I'm new to the forums but have been lurking for a while. I started my first closet grow around the Start of November. I have one plant growing in my closet inside two 18 gallon totes covered in foil tape. This is more of an experimental grow to learn from. I'm using a bagseed, but I already ordered some NL seeds for my next grow.

    I germinated 5 seeds of which 3 sprouted, after germinating the seeds 2 of 3 I over watered the 3rd survived. I originally was going to grow using the sunlight but indoors as I have large South facing window, but then I found this Stealth Tote tutorial to make my grow area. So I went with that instead.

    I'm CFL's 6 23w 5500k bulbs and 2 27w 2700k, there are two inlet holes in the bottom where I have a 14" rotating fan blowing fresh air in, with a 6" 240 CFM duct fan on top of the tote sucking air out. I am in the process of building a DIY Carbon Scrubber that will be connected after the fan with some duct hosing.

    I can't remember the exact date I germinated :rolleyes: but I know I transplanted her from a red solo cup to a 2 gallon bucket on Nov. 24. About 2 weeks after transplanting her a clf lamp fell over onto the side of the plant I picked up too late and the leaves had already been burnt. So basically when it was 3" tall 2nd node maybe it went through a traumatic experience. So I'm guessing that slowed the growth down a little bit by 2-4 weeks, which is why I lost track of how long its been vegging for exactly. I topped it once on Dec. 30 it seemed to react fine to it.

    Then yesterday Jan. 9 I finally got around to transplanting her into her 5 gallon bucket with fresh soil, I used Miracle-Gro enriched soil mix because we already had some at home. But I've read several threads on how bad Miracle-Gro and how growers have had problems with drainage, so I'll probably go Organic for my next grow.

    Anyways I have run into some yellowing spots on the lower leaves, also the stems show maroon/red tinges to them so I'm thinking I have a Potassium problem. I found quite a few useful sources with pictures to compare my leaves too but I can't really wrap my head around what I'm lacking to do or over doing something.


    I want to veg her till she is atleast 10" tall, if she out grows the tote box I'm just going to suspend the top tote from the ceiling of my closet and adjust the height of the bottom one if need be, as it's still enclosed in my closet and hidden.

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