do i have a low alchol tolerance

Discussion in 'General' started by saltatious, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. I remember when I was 15 too haha. No but really Im doubting you took actual shots, Im thinking you just took a swig out of the bottle and called it a shot. Needless to say if you dont drink much your alcohol tolerence will not be high unless your a huge guy.
  2. For some reason I do not believe you. Scotch is fucking napalm
  3. you're 6 ft tall and 140 lbs?

    number 1) gain some weight
    number 2) drinking all that shit within 2 hours (or any time period) is just asking to fuck yourself up. that couldn't have been fun for you.. seriously, right?

    and drinking all of that shit and getting wasted has little to do with tolerance. all that shit that you drank would get 95% of people completely trashed I'm guessing
  4. most people are missing the important part of his story.....
    why would you waste cheez its?
  5. If i were your friends' dad, I'd beat the crap out of you for wasting my scotch.
  6. Are you seriously asking that question?

    Keep on that track and,waking up in a jail cell could be the least of your worries.

    Keep on drinking like that and one day you'll probably end up in a coma and be lucky if you wake up at all
  7. thank you my friend!
  8. ya i agree with u, im gona take a little drinking break, please elaborate on waking up in a mexician jain tho!

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