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Do I have a high tolerance or is my weed just bad?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by George1012, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. I have about 4 kinds of bud in one bag. Sometimes when I pull a bit out and load it I get baked out of my skull. Sometimes I barely even notice the high. I pretty much only smoke on the weekend and I've been kind of doing it off and on for a few months, 2-3 days on and 3-5 days off. So what's up is some of my bud just low quality or do I have a high tolerance? Its really hard to tell because sometimes when I take just 3 inhales I get so high that I'm paranoid and freaking out and sometimes I just don't really notice anything, maybe a little sleepy and a bit stoned but not much compared to the 'better' highs.
  2. I think you answered your own question.
    "I have about 4 kinds of bud in one bag".

    It seems apparent that one or more of those types is weaker weed.
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  3. sounds like the different strains. it's like alcohol a 8 oz glass of 151 rum is going to get you higher than a 8 oz glass of beer just like low potency bud won't get you as high as a high potency bud.. get pot you know what strain it is then if it messes you up don't get that kind anymore.
  4. Thanks for your replies!
  5. Yeah sounds like you pick out some of the dank bud and you get roasted then you grab some schwag and well you know...
  6. I've noticed that having too much food in my system kind of diminishes the high. One time I went to a buffet and had like 5 plates of food, including dessert, smoked right after and just felt sick. I get smacked when I smoke on an emptier stomach lol
  7. "What's in the bag, mannnn?"

    learning what you be burning


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