Do I have a fungus growing or is it a salt deposit?

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    I'm growing a couple of seedlings in solo cups when I noticed one of them had these white spots, I'm using canna professional soil and I water every one-two days, should I open a little hole and remove it? Thanks :)


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  2. I don't know about the salt deposit, but I wouldn't suggest planting in a clear container like that, If I remember right light can be really damaging to root growth

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  3. Right now I use two cups one clear to check on roots and a colored one to prevent light on the roots, you think it is a salt deposit I removed it anyway
  4. Probably, just keep an eye on it and make sure no other ones show up

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  5. Fungal mycelium is typical in living soils.  They help to break down organic material into plant available nutrients.
    Leave it.  It's supposed to be there...
  6. Lol. Highly doubtful thats a salt deposit.

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