Do I have a chance at all?

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  1. Well my cousin introduced me to a potential employer this weekend and he wants me to come in, fill out an application and hand him my resume this friday. It's a great opportunity and he is planning on introducing me to the guys I will be working with if they hire me. Before I left he told me to make sure I could pass a drug test.

    I've been working with a company that doesn't give clerical workers drug tests so I have been smoking everyday the past month or so. 1-2 bowls a night.

    I doubt I get hired and drug tested friday but would I have any chance at all passing a drug test friday? I plan on drinking water and exercising everyday this week.

    I'm 5'7 @ 130lbs with a fast metabolism.
  2. Only because you're that small you might. Sit in the steam room, work out, and drown yourself in water. Dilute your piss the day of the test to the point it's crystal clear, if they say, "well this is watered down" come back with, it's summer, I work out, I'm trying to stay hydrated. You'll be fine at least give it a shot you've got nothing to lose.
  3. yeah^ test actually come up negative if your piss has to much water in it. If it does, good chance they will tell you come back in a few weeks. Its not like probation where they throw you another piss cup when you fail.

  4. This,
    Also go to your local pharmacy and look to see if you can pick up some antioxidants, any type will help.
  5. Drink a glass of vinegar on Thursday night.

    and thank me on Friday ;) :laughing:

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