Do i got this right?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BAGZ, May 21, 2006.

  1. For a constanr crop..Germinate 10 seeds and veg them for 1month(and take clones) after the month switch them to flowering. After another month of flowering veg the clones for 1month and flower the first plants for 1month then harvest and switch the second plants (clones )into flowering. Is that right ? or should i just flower clones without vegging? Also when should i take clones and how do i store them? thanks And this is assuming they are all female plants.
  2. UUUHHHH... I just got lost... I think your trying to do a perpetual harvest. I would make 3 boxes for that... a mother/cloning box, a veg box, and a flowering box. Grow out a mother plant that you know is female and place it in the mother cab. Clone it (still in the mother cab) and when you get enough clones, put the clones into the veg cab. Keep the mother cab and veg cabs on 18/6. Let the plant veg until its time to send it into flowering, then put the clones into the flowering cab. Make new clones from the mother and put them into the veg cab.
    In the flowering cab, put the plants on 12/12 so they start flowering, and then when they are done and you harvest them, put the plants in the veg cab into the flowering cab and flower them. Make new clones, ect... Its pretty much just keeping plants in flower. Hope you understood that... if not, do a search for perpetual harvest, i'm sure you'll find what you need

    Fixing the timing schedule, lol. Thanks czarr
  3. You got the lighting scheduals backwards there- 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flowering
  4. Cant i just grow 10 from seed, veg them for a month then switch to flowering . Flower for 2months, harvest then put them back into veg and do it all over again? If not why cant i?
  5. You "could" but marijuana plants are annual. Its possible to reuse them but theres a decrease in yeild. I've heard you could only take this as far as 4 generations tops. I think goosie's idea is best
  6. But if i veg the clones when i switch the original plants to flowering then a month later i need to flower the clones and the original plants will need another month to flower before harvest.
  7. So veg longer unless your space doens't permit. A longer veg will give you better yeilds. If your space doesn't allow you to veg for the extra month then consider building another flowering box or perhaps perpetual harvest isn't for you

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