do i got hermies????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shloopie, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I have a couple plants that looked like they were going to be females. If they were hermis could they have female hairs on the top 3 nodes then the 4th node has pollen sacs? Thats what my plants look like. They have white hairs on the top part and some of the lower nodes appear to look like balls. Is it possible these are just little budleaves that are coming out before the hairs themselves or am i fucked?
  2. only way to a sure answer...
  3. I just want to know if the hairs and balls would come out of the same spot, or 2 different nodes. Dont have a camera sorry. I know what males look like.

  4. Not trying to be difficult...just really hard to tell without seeing.

    Try look here for reference:
  5. thats kinda how my hermie looked..there would be some balls at one V then at another there were some hairs..if you start seeing clusters of balls then its a hermie im pretty sure
  6. Rats.. My other question was if the plants ever put out small bud leaves before the hairs? Making it look kinda like a male? Just curious.
  7. bagseed? if yes, probably hermie. balls and pistols are as easy to distinguish as balls and vaginas =P :smoke:

  8. not exactly sure what your talking about. do you have a camera on your phone or pc? any pic is better than nothing
  9. What i am saying is, do small leaves ever come out of the node where the hairs come out and look kinda like pollen sacs? The plants are just barely showing signs of sex, in some spots it kinda looks like 2 really tiny leaves are starting to grow out. They are so small they could just be really small pollen sacs, i cant really tell. Has anyone ever thought they were going to have males and waited a few more days only to realize it infact was a female? They have little things growing that dont really look like balls or hairs yet but there is definately something there. All of the spots that have 2 hairs growing out already dont have anything that looks like these questionable spots. So i am kinda confused. It doesnt look like a male or a female, but something is growing out of the node. Could this be really small baby bud leaves growing before the actual signs of sex appear from the node?
  10. It sounds like it's a hermie, sorry. I had a Bubbleberry hermie (stress induced) on the same node and bagseed (shit genetics) on different nodes so it could be either.

    Separate out the ones you think might herm and watch em till you're sure though. if they drop sack they gotta die.

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