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    How am I getting defensive? The person who I was talking to before clearly did not read my posts, and had the wrong idea about what was happening as a result, so I called him out on it. If I sound defensive to you, tell me this:

    Do you enjoy having to repeat yourself multiple times, because the poster doesn't read everything on a 2 page thread? I've had to repeat myself maybe 3 or 4 times, on a 2 page thread. So yea, that's why i sound a little annoyed. It's the internet, anyone can read the page it's not like what you said is lost in oblivion. It's right there, starin ya straight in the face.

    >Be at park really drunk with friends
    >girl and her friend go off for "girly time."
    >they come back, girl leaves to go have a smoke
    >friend comes to met, "I have something to tell you, you'll be really happy."
    >tell me girl likes me a lot, but doesn't know I feel the same way about her.

    Stop stereotyping friend's of girls dude, negative stereotypes are negative.
  2. Slap her goddam tittes!!
  3. dont do it man,

    its a trap
  4. Explain?

    Also: too late :3
  5. Had it not been too late, my intended post:

    If she's in a shit relationship, why not wait for it to end?
    If she has strong feelings for you, she would or at least should end it with him.
    After all, if she two-times with you, she'll two-time on you. Don't fool yourself.

    Anyways, good luck with...whatever it is.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's ended, today she was on the phone with her dad telling him to call this guy to and tell him to stop calling her, as he will not leave her alone. She's coming over to my house to watch some movies later on in the day, so I'm going to ask her if it's 100% over than. Although I'm certain I know what she's going to say.

  7. Well, I derive defensiveness from advice threads in which the OP attempts to argue against the advice he has openly asked for. Just my feeling about the overall tone of this thread bro, u don't have to agree. As for the friends of girls, all I mean to say is that I really hate those fucking games. It's kindergarten when people that have feelings can't come up to u and express them. That is adult interaction. Everything else is a silly game. I apologize for bringing my negativity in here and shitting in ur cereal.

  8. Understandable, but I mean he was making comments that are 100% moot, which could be derived from reading the pages. Meh I dont really agree on that regard, when I told this girl how I felt about her, she told me she didn't know if I felt the same way, which is why she didn't say anything. So in all honesty, I really appreciate what her friend did as I had no idea this girl like me; Mainly because I fail at reading social signals. So if this girl didn't intervene, nothing would of happened.

    Lolwut dude? In no way are you shitting in my cereal at all :)

  9. Gotta agree here wanted opinions but you got the ones that you didn't want to hear. Just because a chick is in a fucked up relationship its none of your business to get involved. This isn't a fairytale and you are no white knight. You ARE hearing only one side of the story. Do you know the guy? Maybe he's secretly planning on doing something real nice for her as a surprise to make up for all the crap that he's done and to rebuild his relationship.

    I know for damn sure if you're trying to makeup for fucking up in a relationship, some of the best things you can do to make up for it is to surprise her.

    Bottom line is dude, there are PLENTY of other girls out there for you. I've been in the same position as you dude and I would NEVER think that I would get over her (she had a pretty serious bf too) but you just gotta open your mind up a bit. If you're entirely too focused on this one girl, you're gonna miss A LOT of opportunities out there. Trust me, I did. Don't waste your time with a girl who has a boyfriend.

    Side Note:

    Dude is that the same girl mentioned in this thread?

  10. Yeah i think it is bro
  11. I would never go out with a girl whose "dating" another guy but has feelings for you. It just shows what kind of girl and person she is. If she's doing that to another guy what makes you think you will be exempt? Sooner or later she will lose interest in you and do the same thing. Right now you are probably lonely and your saying "fuck it" but no bro you are better than that. Ive been there and 100% of the time it ends in the guy getting hurt. Girls that juggle guys around are bad news stay away from them.

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