Do I dig my plants out of my garden and repot them to protect from torrential rain from Ian, no wind

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  1. So, that’s my question, can I and how would I go about pulling out of my garden and putting in big pots. Someone stated he had done it but wrap the pot and rootball in Myco. Remember I knew nothing in June. What the hell is Myco? I looked and it appears to be a root ball bossier. He said wrap, I had the image of something to “wrap” it in.

    I have 3 small roughly 4-5 foot plants all growing quite closely to one another. Is the advice I was given that, since I grow hidden in my backyard, any kind of beach umbrella, small pvc pipe and clear plastic shed roof over it. I was a carpenter at one time and know I could make it but my neighbors are so close and I have been out there way to much all summer. Could not help it. And it would be tough. I may be able to build a lightweight pvc square with long vertical posts to go into the ground and then place sheeting on it and remove it as well. Might be able to turn it in to a trellis and rain cover, all in one.

    Below is a pic of my grow space. It is from a long time ago but is the best pic of the area since the 3 plants are small. Also, to consider repotting them, there are 3 plants there in a 7x5 bed I dug fresh so pretty well processed soil, would not be hard to get out I would think. 6355661D-8E55-4925-B1CD-A48D86DB7B2F.jpeg 10D7A06B-0A72-4386-ABC2-14E41E210DD7.jpeg 02969D81-90E1-4EA6-8AB2-85DFD5B7F2D6.jpeg C58610E8-670F-4000-A63D-6F58CA5961AF.jpeg 22DA5835-3F13-4E8F-8A85-C813EB2B6A1B.jpeg 28383DED-9E8A-4106-B38D-7B4F0E781F42.jpeg AF2124A8-BCD2-4FD3-ABA1-6A85EC08905B.jpeg D28366C5-0831-4F1F-B6FE-0DB61BF0C969.jpeg FD8C9A20-ABB6-4A24-85C2-76C570BA579F.jpeg
  2. if in veg I'd potup to a very big pot with 50% sand or perlite
    otherwise in flower I'd leave in the ground shelter with plastic sheeting,
    and encourage any excess water to drain off

    as you can't expect any easy repair once they hit flower

    good luck
  3. Did they made it???????
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