do hydroponics cut down on flowering time as well?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lafntiger, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. so im thinkin of makin a couple airioponic 5 gal buckets and was wondering if they cut down on flowering time as well as veg
  2. no there is no way to make something finish flowering faster without wierd results, and no matter what method you use to grow its down to the genetics of the strain you are growing as to when its done

    all hydro will do is make it get bigger buds a little faster but it will still take just as long - you should give it a try just to see how hydro works, but remember you have to clean lots with hydro or you will get algae growing all over the place, hydrogen peroxide works great as it wont leave anything behind that needs to be rinsed off like soap or bleach will and it will sterilize everything just as good
  3. Definitely not they're just more vigorous. In vegetative..they grow very fast so they're ready to flower earlier or larger with same veg time..if a female flower take sixty days to ripen it's gonna take sixty days no matter what, as a matter of fact most times when they tell you the days on the flowering time, your gonna go longer nine out of ten least that's happened with me,

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