Do humans have souls?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by thccrystals, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Do you believe humans have a soul? Is it physical, mental, all-encompasing, or just an idea? Do you think there is one definition for what a soul is, or that it is whatever the individual thinks it is?

    Personally, I don't think there is one difinitive definition for a soul, but I don't think we have one though. It's definitely a hard area to discuss but I thought we'd try.
  2. i beleive our souls inhabit our bodies, our souls give life to our physical bodies. souls are immaterial.

    this is a quote i found..

    "The elements which make us human belong to the soul. Intellect, thought, ideals, love, emotion, discernment, choice, decision, etc., are but experiences of the soul."

    It's not physical. It's not mental. It's not just an idea. It's deeper. It's in the very core of us. It's the immortal part of us and I truly believe in it. At one time I didn't. There's so much involved when it comes to your soul and I sometimes want to believe that truly evil people don't have souls but if we all do then their souls are in some sort of limbo...a purgatory, possibly, but not one that is that lasts forever.
    I belive that my soul once meshed with another and while I can't really explain it...I know it happened. Some may call it finding your soulmate but with me believing the immortality that it carries, I don't really feel as if we all have just one I don't think that was what it was. It was just something that was meant to be.

    You're correct about it being a hard area to discuss. It's hard to put how I feel about the subject into words. It's not faith or hope for some part of me to always's just something that I feel within me....and something I feel when another's aura becomes entangled with mine. I sense their soul. Wow, it's so incredibly difficult to describe.

    I have to go to bed now so my soul can rest. LOL! Just kidding. I do need to crash though. Good topic, made my mind churn. :) Thanks! I'm now interested in what others think.

    ( ^All of the above is my opinion...I'm not stating it as fact since that would be impossible to do.)
  4. Thanks for sharing ladies. I'd like to add, does a soul have to be part of ones religion?
  5. The soul is intresting consept. If you believe in an afterlife, than you must believe you have a soul. Both are impossible to prove. I'd liked to believe a have a soul, and that this is only the proving grounds to the afterlife. Without an afterlife there is nothing to strive for, because you then no that your actions on this world places no effect on you. That would create a total anarchist society. Your consience i believe is directly related to the soul, and those who have bad-morals/no consicence, have lost contact with there soul and need to be reconnect with it to gain acess to the afterlife.

    However, you must ask, where does your soul come from?? Are you born with it, or is it a god given right. Does god hand out souls when he lets a sperm reach an egg. If so you must then start to believe in some sort of fate. I don't like the idea of fate/destiny because i don't like the idea of not being in control. Also does the soul wonder on earth before it is admitted acess to heaven, does it make a physical journey to the afterlife?
  6. The definition soul is: The mind, will, and emotions of a person. So yes, technically we all have a soul. I believe it to be immortal, and I believe it will spend eternity in either heaven or hell based on whether or not a person gets saved.

    ^^^What I believe. If you don't like my beliefs, that's fine. Everyone's welcome to believe whatever they want to. That's why it's called free will.
  7. I would disagree and say that we don't technically have a soul, even by the dictionary definition which says what you said, but that those are the products of some immaterial entity. We all have brains that perform different functions at different levels, this is what makes us different, not how close we are to our 'soul.' All our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are the result of chemicals and neurotransmitters moving around our brains. Our brains make it possible for us to see the difference between right and wrong, not some imaginary idea someone once made up. I can agree that we have a soul on a much more figurative level, but it's just the human essence, which is extremely difficult to put into words.

  8. yes, u would think if u believe u have a soul then it would apply to whatever religion u believe in.can't have one without the other. but then like myself, i don't have a specific religion that i stick too. i believe in so many different things. bits and pieces of diff. religions. but i do know that i have a soul.

  9. I'm not really religious.

    In your next post you say something about "some imaginary idea someone once made up"'s not about that. It's beyond that. It's our energy.

    I'm not going to get into the whole fate and destiny thing right now but I believe and I also believe that I can alter the path I've been sent down. My control isn't gone.

    My soul is immortal so there is no need for it to be sent to "heaven." It's already in it's own heaven and when I die it will go to it's next. I'm a body and who I am comes from my core....from my soul.

    Of course, that's just what I think. ;)

    *edit* As far as what I believe about truly evil people and their's all based from negative energy. Maybe karma is thrown into the mix. I'm not sure. It's hard to explain and even harder when your high is all weird.
  10. I've done a lot of thinking on this subject. Long ago I decided that the spiritual definition of a soul wasn't probable and probably wasn't possible. But a lingering notion remained; is the human mind worth anything in it's own right? Let me ezplain, If you took a person from birth and put them in an environment without any sort of sensory perception, would it still be aware of itself? Is "I think therefore I am" a natural concept or do you have to learn it?

    It is my belief that the human mind is mostly a reflection of it's surroundings based on it's experiences, but I can't disprove the idea that the human mind is capable of inherent self awareness. So basically I can't say that a soul exists but that something of a similar concept might. At best I could believe in a sort of ancestral knowledge based on various emotions and psuedo memories that I know never actually occured.

  11. An ancestral knowledge that stems from what? Past lives? Is that when the emotions and pseudo memories occurred?
  12. OK i just kinda browsed thru this cuz someone mighta already mentioned it. But do you think animals have a soul?? they think and stuff. I hope so i miss my two dogs :(. but i mean it has to end somewhere tho right i mean i couldnt see mosquitos or flies flyin around in heaven. my mom said it talked about what goes to heaven and what doesnt in the bible but im not to sure... what do you guys think?

    *By the way i might get kinda defensive if you say dogs dont go to heaven. Cuz my dogs were almost like people. But id like to hear your side neways.

  13. I don't really know, all i know is that many times throughout my life I've felt things that I know didn't stem from any actual experience. It's usually triggered by a smell or something more subtle like the general atmosphere of my surroundings. The only common theme of these feelings (other than the fact that I can't trace them to their origins) is that they're all very very strong emotions, usually positive. The best explainations I've come up with are that they're either forgotten memories from my early childhood or some collective 'memory' made of experiences from my ancestors. Or maybe it's just some chemical imbalance :p

  14. AHHHH! I hate that word, karma. Another thing people take too seriously, when it's more just like saying 'good luck.'
  15. Krazi, I think you are talking about instincts. They are adaptations that are embedded in our brains. I'm sure you know about them. It's why salt and fat taste so good to most humans, they were needed by the body to survive back in the day of our ancestors, but they were scarce so we developed a liking for those tastes. Just an example of how old adaptations come back to bite us in the ass. I'm o/t so I will digress.

  16. Around here, it's like good luck. I see where you get that. We use it differently here but it's something we've just always done.

    But it's more like a law of nature of sorts. Whatever you do, good or bad, will come back to you. I didn't believe it for a long time...I thought people were nuts...but I did some really bad things when I was younger and then later in life I paid for them with some really bad shit happening to me. I wasn't having bad luck. That was karma. I was paying for my "sins."

  17. Instincts are one thing but what I described is another. I'm quite familiar with instincts. Instincts make me like charred flesh right off the grill or impulse me to grab any particular booty that wanders near :p

    What I was talking about is far different. It's not an impulsive feeling, it's not anything that necesarrily changes how I think. Just something that I can feel, and I don't know why.

  18. If you'd like to think so, but I mean do you really think people get what they deserve? Not to say material objects are the most important things in life, but are all the richest people you know the most deserving, are all the poor ones assholes?
  19. I'm not talking about material things, though. That's not even a factor in this.

    What good people deserve is inner peace and love and happiness....not material objects. Material objects mean nothing in the end. Of course, that goes back to the original question resulting in all of these different opinions.

  20. Inner peace, love, and happiness. Same question, do you think the ones who have those are the most deserving? I'm lacking in a few of those categories, and I try to be a decent human being. People don't always get what they deserve.

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