Do Humans Give Off Colored Energy Or aura

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  1. I think they do. This girl I'm into seems like she's giving off pink vibes. 
    Do you think people give off colored vibes?
    Do you believe in aura, energy surrounding a person?


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    i don't know about people giving off different, distinct colors perse. people are a bit more complex then that. we're not so black and white. ya, you may feel a 'pink' vibe when your around her but shes also full of blues, greys, greens, blacks.
    i can definitely feel different vibes from people though, yes. whether it be colors or not is open for interpretation. but i've been terribly wrong at times as well. so, i think we can "sense" certain, profound things in people, but its not acute enough to be exact.
    Also, I'm not sure if that even applies too auras, but my friends eye sometimes starts bleeding and he sees everyone's auras and he said I was purple.
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    well there's things called "pheromones" which is apparently a nature scent that we exude in our sweat or something. I don't know if it's only in males or both genders. But I remember being told in psychology about an experiment to do with pheromone and how women were attracted to certain scents.
    but like what Jazz said, sometimes you just get either negative or positive vibes around people. Like a sixth sense sort of thing.
  5. Scientifically? No. Their are colours we can't see though that are in the rainbow after violet.
  6. It depends on how fucked up I am. :confused_2:
  7. They will if you take the right kind of substance
  8. There's little doubt most people give a radiant sense of themselves. Whether or not that is a subconscious cue in the form of aura or spontaneous conscious deductions from things like facial expression, haircut, clothes etc. is up for debate. Usually, once you see someone you can feel as if you have a vague knowledge of what that person is like, if you're paying attention. But as I said, that could easily be the more overt clues people give to their overall personality, and is, at times, mistaken. 
    In my experience, I've never seen the 'coloured' aura of another human, although I believe can feel most people's presence in the form of a white or transparent energy that has properties such as strong or weak or active or inactive etc. Perhaps I am not honed to receive visual colours of other people; or perhaps none of that exists, and I make rapid inferences of a persons being from their superficial appearances. 
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    There is no question this exists. I could tell you how corporations use it as an ironclad example but I don't believe in privacy anymore.
    However, I was at the grocery store one time about 4 years ago. I was feeling really, really bad. Very depressed. Probably in the top 3 most depressed days of my life so far. Just felt like weeping. As I was walking out of the store a store employee, a woman, came up to me and asked if I was going to be alright.
    The only way she could have known is if I was giving off an aura of probably a very blue color, hence the term "feeling blue".
    Yes, it exists. Only a small portion of people are able to recognize it though.
  10. Lol she is giving off "pink vibes" lol. Where is the pink coming from and what does she use for a vibe? lol.
  11. I personally think that an aura is only noticeable to those people who relate the "good" or "bad" vibes to colors.  Kind of similar to how some people relate numbers or words to colors called synesthesia, which is a rare condition.
    It seems to me you could enhance this skill through meditation if you were to visualize colored energy flowing around and within you.  Over time you might see someone give off red before they beat your ass.   :devious:
    All jokes aside it's a very interesting phenomenon,  too bad we can't see through the eyes of someone who claims to see them.  As proof for the scholars, scientists, and holders of the current paradigm.
    Not that they come to the right conclusion even when the evidence is laid out on the table.  :laughing:
  12. "The only way she could have known is if I was giving off an aura." It's not very hard to tell if someone's severely depressed. She read your body language, saw your facial expressions.
  13. I think aura is more philosophical and metaphorical versus real. Do I believe in colored auras? Nope, not even close. But do I believe people give off different types of energies related to mood and outlook? Yes.
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    It would be easy to think this but I remember clearly. I was alone and not one to change facial expressions, etc. I was just going about my business, checking out from the self checkout line, and when I finished bagging I was walking out when she approached me.
    No, it was something else. This phenonemon exists. It is a large grocery store chain and my guess is she is there to read these "auras" to spot potential problems.
    Like I said, I know large corporations use this technique as well. It is one of those things as a society it is not talked about much but personally I am sure it exists.
  15. that shit is all in your head, two different people will perceive a person differently and will get a different vibe and hence may get a different "aura" not to mention the emotions associated with color is entirely subjective.
  16. Sometimes I'll see clear-as-water distortion, or an invisible halo around people, when I have my eyes wide open
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    First and foremost you don't get to attribute why she came up to you, because you don't honestly know. So for you to claim it as proof of auras(especially when she didn't say anything about auras to you) is just asinine.
    Secondly, the large corporations comment that you've used twice is a fallacy known as an appeal to authority. You don't have any proof so you say that companies(an authority of sorts) do to supplement your argument. Not only do you not have proof of that(making the statement conjecture), you follow it up by saying "No one talks about it, but trust me, I know it exists." which isn't really saying anything, I mean why are we supposed to be swayed by how sure you are? You really haven't presented anything to back up your claim other than a personal anecdote(which IMO doesn't even show what you think it does), a statement that corporations do it(not substantiated) and your own subjective experiences.

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