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do hotels remember the smells of smoking rooms ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PotTourist, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. If i smoke weed in a hotel smoking room how would they know the weed smell is not from like days ago or weeks or months ago ?

    i mean in vegas obviously its not cigarettes in the smoking room every day of the year correct ?
  2. Just do it already!

    Go on the roof it you can
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  3. Smoking weed in a Vegas casino hotel is a no no. They are worried about their federal gaming licenses.

    There are no places in Nevada other than private homes to legally use cannabis.

    The rec law just went into effect yesterday (7/1/17)

    They're working on this aspect of recreational use for the tourist, who they say will make up most of the rec sales.
    So sooner or later they will have places like clubs and hotels that will allow it.

    If you smoke herb in a hotel, you may get away with it, or may be asked to leave.
    I'm sure many smaller hotels and motels will let it slide, knowing some of their clientele want to indulge in some legal cannabis on their property.
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  4. I stayed at circus circus this summer and smoked multiple times in the parking garage no problem. Just watch for hotel parking security.
  5. Not too long ago after dabbing and smoking in our room; we hear some loud knocks on our door.
    We decide to gather our shit and bail and while doing so the manager greets us in the hallway while walking out and hands me a form which states that I've violated the "non-smoking" clause and that a $300 extra room cleaning fee will be applied to my credit card.

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  6. Make SURE it's a smoking room and follow all the procedures of stealth smoking. (Smoke buddy/carbon filter/sploof/ozium) Should be good to go after that. Don't be brazen and you'll be fine. Dryer sheets/Ozium should only cost you like $10 maximum anyway.

    Sucks to have to play it safe but it'll be worth the hassle.
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  7. Remember when you were in college and you had to smoke in your dorm? Same thing, different RA.
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  8. turn the shower on and use shampoo, close the bathroom put towels at the bottom of the door n smoke. also cosy af bump some music or smth lol
  9. Lololol I smoked up an ounce 6 years ago staying in a hotel.

    That's when it was illegal ...I burned it both in the hotel and outside. Burned with people I met at the casinos.i bought some on the street before I met my connect out there..

    It's not 2001 anymore. Just be street smart .

    I even took some shit out there with me ..leave it to the master
  10. Smoking is the downfall, I used to smoke in hotel rooms when I was younger and thought I was being stealthy until I walked into a friends room that used the same tactic as me sober one day and holy shit did it smell like bud three doors down in the hotel...Now I only dab in hotel rooms and honestly don't even worry about it anymore with how fast the smell dissipates. stayed in three separate hotels between Atlantic City and Maine in the last month, dabbed in all of them a good amount and had no issues at all.
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  11. Yeah, we were vaping clouds and dabbing and three doors down it was apparent.
    I think one of the other hotel guests complained.

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  12. Yep, that's what did you in. In a hotel setting, it's less about clouds and more about stealth. You definitely want to put your vape on a lower setting to have less clouds and you want to exhale into a smoke buddy or sploof.

    After you smoke, make sure you put that nice "Do not Disturb" sign on your door to avoid the cleaning crew coming into your room the next day. This will give you over a full day at least to get it aired out. Although, if you used a vape and a smoke buddy and sprayed some ozium you wont need that much time. I would not smoke in the room the night before or the morning of check-out for obvious reasons.

    My friends and I like to smoke blunts most of the time so a good idea is to walk around and survey your hotel and the area around it. Hotels in Atlantic City and Vegas are on huge properties and some if not all have little areas on the perimeter where you can smoke at. Just be alert and try not to stand in the same place for too long. Casino Hotels also have huge parking lots with areas where you can just tuck in and smoke. My friends and I used to just walk slowly through the parking lot smoking. Most people who don't smoke could really care less about you walking by them smoking since they are immediately removed from the situation whereas in a room next to you, they can be directly affected all damn night and could get charged so they will likely report it.

    Oh and just for the record, depending on city/state, Ozium cleaning service can be as low as $75 for a house let a lone a damn room. $350 is outrageous.
  13. I always just get a smoking room when I stay in AC and then just dab as much as needed and keep the do not disturb sign on the door haha
  14. This question made me laugh so hard I feel like I got higher

    Im not tryin to be a dick bro but you had to be baked when you posted this lmao
  15. The hotel would have record of whether anyone had stayed in your room, and you don't really have any control over where you're staying exactly, so it wouldn't be that hard for them to figure out when someone was smoking in a room. There's no defense if no one's stayed in there for a week before you. Hotels can be pretty empty during the week.

    When I travel, I stick to a vape pen (and exhale straight into the bathroom vent) or edibles. I mean, I've never been confronted over someone catching me eat a brownie or a piece of candy, not once.
  16. When u get to the room for the first time call the front desk and tell them u smell something strange in the room but you are ok and just want to get some rest. After that If they smell anything just tell them "0h no... you're not gonna pin that on me...I ain't no sucka!" . Make sure they record your complaint on the first night after checking in. Even if they come to the room tell them u def smell something off and that something must be wrong with their nose the end of the day SMELL IS TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE NOT OBJECTIVE...

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  17. The chem trails behind after the paper trails so what you need to do is recycle your hits with plastic nano tubes and nonsequenced blocks of gold chains while washing your boar's head under fight club rules. Got it?
  18. I guess we were blazing a bit much cause those fuckers were at the hotel door within three hours.

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