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Do hospitals drug test after giving birth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Hennessey, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Well my aunt is going to have her baby pretty soon(she smokes weed cause it gets rid of her queasiness or something) and she was askin me if they will make her go to rehab over it or anything? I told her idk but i'll finds out :eek: Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Wow I don't Even know what to say its straight fucked up to smoke anything while pregnant.
  3. First off, it is incredibly irresponsible to smoke while pregnant and she should be sent to rehab or something just for being that uninteligent in the first place. I don't care house nausious she may have been.

    But on to your question, my best guess would be no. They would not test for the drug and if they do, they wouldn't do anything about it. They normally wont do urine or blood tests after birthing in general. The only reason they would is if there are complications during labor involving medications. She should be fine if everything goes well.
  4. I certainly hope they do. It's really irresponsible to smoke while pregnant. Being high stunts brain development even in young teens, let alone fetuses. If she's getting high while pregnant then she needs rehab.
  5. they proved that smoking marijuana does not affect birth.

  6. smoking pot does not hurt the baby in the wound. cannabinoids in weed helps control pain while birthing and it also balances out the psycoprgnant bitch activities. Women have cannabinoids receptors in their vaginas.

  7. Yes, the much raved about research institute of "They".
    She should stop toking while preggers. It is wrong on many levels. You wouldn't blow hits at a newborn would you?

    Some hospitals will DT a new mom or the baby to identify a possible dangerous home environment.
  8. I really don't think they will but these people saying that she needs to go to rehab should be getting a finger wagged at them for just saying that.

    Yes she was irresponsible for smoking while she was pregnant smoking anything be it good or bad while pregnant is just plain retarded!

  9. Tisk tisk tisk.
    What type of parent do you think she's going to be if she can't hold off toking while she's pregnant? She'll probably be high around the baby all the time eatin' up all its food, which we all know ain't cool.
  10. :eek: what a dumb selfish bitch
  11. Is it the act of smoking you all are pissed about or the act of putting THC in her system while the baby is in there?
  12. More pregnancy highs than lows

    There, a credible source saying smoking weed while pregnant is not the travesty everyone here seems to think it is.

  13. for me its the act of smoking even though some peeps are putting studies n shit up for the + side of smoking weed while pregnant i would still not let someone with my baby smoke....no fukin way :mad:

  14. this.

    i have know some kids whose parents were pot smokers while pregnancy, as to whether the kids turned out differently i can't say for sure, but the parents didn't get arrested or anything and the doctors knew. but still irresponsible.
  15. Your aunt is the reason why so many people in our nation (the united states I assume) are dumb.

    Seriously? Do you know how bad it is to smoke weed with a fetus in your stomach? It hinders the child's brain development and can cause mental illness for that child later in life.

    This sickens me to hear this
  16. I know for a fact they do not and even if they did they are not legally allowed to tell anyone. I actively talk to my doctor about smoking weed.
  17. Proof? I would like to see a medical journal or something that states this information. From the reaserch I have done on it, there are little to no harmful effects from using MJ while pregnant.

    So if you are a chronic pain patient, with a MMJ card and your choices are taking narcotic pain pills or smoking to relieve your pain while pregnant, which has been shown to be more harmful to the fetus?? thats right, the physically addictive opiate..

    Seriously guys, think before you judge, every situation is different.
  18. People need to read. Everyone is assuming smoking while pregnant is bad, even though people are posting sources to show that it isn't.

    Think about how many mother smoke cigarettes while pregnant. That's much more unhealthy than smoking marijuana. Congrats to your aunt for having the baby soon :D
  19. God, I love irony.

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