do honeywell air purifier's work?

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  1. i was actually wondering the same thing, i was planning on using a ionized fan to try control odor. i have 1 seedling going right now so i still have some time before i need to worry about that. give it a try :)
  2. tried and true solution is a carbon scrubber.

    that purifier uses hepa filter and ionization, not carbon scrubbing. that's not to say that it won't work, or couldn't be made to work, just that it does not use the same technology that is common place in our field.

    have you looked at making a DIY scrubber?? can be had pretty cheap, do a search and good luck! :smoking:

    edit: I know I didn't really answer the question, maybe someone who has used one or something similar can chime in.
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    honeywell is a famous brand but if you would like to have a best rated air purifier i would recommend Blueair.
    You can use this model :
    Blueair Pro L Hepasilent

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