Do hermies make feminized seeds?

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  1. Are seeds from hermies all female seeds? It seems like this is the same thing they do to develop feminized seeds at the seed banks except they use some acid to make the plant hermi.
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  3. No!!!!!!
  4. oh, snap I guess I didn't find my answer... Thanks a lot :)
  5. I always wondered how they made feminized seeds, i was told by crossing a female and a hermie would do the trick, but who knowsssssssss.....
  6. Hi.Has anybody have hermie plants outdoor???Or is it just indoors that MJ hermies?
  7. I grow outdoors and have never yet had a hermie - TOUCH WOOD !!!
  8. I have had a hermi outdoors.
  9. Ive had one hermie and its because i decided to grow indoors then change to outdoors half way through veg and it shocked it, then it got alittle transplant shock.
  10. Hermis just have both sets of reproductive organs making them a true flower. Look at the growth and life cycles of other plants that are true flowers. They produce seeds that are both male and female, but often do not self pollinate to obtain more genetic diversity. Like the pistils of the female part of the plant will not be ready to receive pollen until the male part has already released all of its own. Although I believe in the case of a cannabis plant self polination does occur, but would most likely not produce all female seeds. If you have a hermi outdoors in a pot, maybe put it somewhere away from your grow site and let it flower on its own and produce seeded bud that you can plant next season? Peace out.
  11. were not talking about having a hermie self pollenate, were talking about having a hermie pollenate a regular female.
  12. i'm talking about pollinating itself or other females. My logic is that a female will only have the X chromosome and not the Y chromosome. So the pollen produced from a hermi will be only X chromosome genetics. Because originally being a female thats the only gene set it knows how to produce. Unless someone has a good explination for why im wrong. :rolleyes:
  13. Well from word of mouth, ive heard that crossing a hermie with a female will give you feminized seeds
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    I have 38 hermie seeds outdoor so i definitely will up date you folks in august on the female-male ratio.Hoping for the best and all females:hello::hello:
  15. YES!
    here is the link:

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  16. There are different ways to make fem seeds. The two most used (imo) is CS colloidal silver at a high ppm usually above 40. The other is using STS Silver Thiosulfate. I myself am using a CS spray at 60 ppm. This is my results from one OG kush plant.
    Taken from ICMag.
  17. There is a big difference between a true hermaphrodite and a female that has been stressed to produce a few male flowers. In the first case the plant has fucked up genetics to start and will pass them off to 1/2 of it's offspring if pollinating a female plant and potentially all of it's offspring if self pollinated.
    Stressing the plant to produce a branch of male flowers doesn't "mutate" the DNA into herm DNA, it retains it's all female DNA and will produce all female seeds. There will still be a very small amount of natural mutation that occurs in any reproduction scenario but it is much less than 1%.
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    I had this debate a little while back, and "i was wrong". This is what take's place,

    A Female plant that pollinate's "It's Self" will produce an XX Seed. Even though it has Male sex organ's, the Pollen is an X Chromosome. You will either get a Female or a Hermi. In this method you are inbreeding, keeping the same genetic's.

    Two Female plant's, one "Pollinating" the "other" Female. This will produce an XX Seed. 99.99%. The Male Pollen is still an X Chromosome, in this method you are "changing" the Genetic's.

    And there are "Two Methods" to achive this outcome through,

    #1 Natural Rodalization.

    #2 Chemically induced Hermaphroditisum.

    The pollen contains only female, or X, chromosomes because the plant has no Y, or male, chromosomes. The progeny will inherit an X from the male flower’s pollen and an X from the egg donor female flower. The resulting seeds can only inherit two X chromosomes, which means that almost all the resulting seeds will be girls! Congratulations!

    Now you got it! The plant that "pollinated itself" does have a higher chance of having hermie seeds, but if it's pollinated by another girl then Feminized seeds you will have.

    Breeder's these day's dont Feminize Seed's through "Rodalization". As we have CS & STS Methods.
    The "Hermi Trait" is "breed out" over time, till it give's a stable strain. Accounting for the 99.99% chance.
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  20. Excellently explained

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