Do Green Games have a specific flavor?

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  1. I used a green game a couple of times recentley and I can never tell if they have a flavor or not, it kind of tastes almost coffeeish too me.
  2. Yeah, they kind of have a hazel flavor.
  3. i agree with you (OP) on the coffee smell but its also got a little bit of something else that i cant quite think of
  4. They taste like nasty tobacco and regret

  5. not game blunts. im actually not a big fan of swishers or white owls or even dutches, but the green games are awesome. that outer leaf is so good
  6. hahahahahaha regret :hello:
  7. Blunt blasphemy! Bizzard twisting is an artform.

    Though I have rolled some regretfully bad blunts.
  8. they always remind me of maple syrup for some reason

  9. yea the taste of white owls or swishers never sat well with my taste buds but green games have always pulled through, though usually having my buddy roll it with his perfected cone skills.:smoking:
  10. i think they sorta taste like maple syrup wen rolling and like cofee wen smoking
  11. "Tastes like regret."

  12. maple syrup and coffee is what comes to my mind as well. very unique and AMAZING

    regretfully delicious maybe.
  13. Greens definetly have a coffeeish taste. One of my favorite blunts to roll with, and Game Wines. Come to think of it, any Game is good.
  14. They taste like regret to me.

    Regret that I didn't buy a strawberry or peach 'rillo.

    Seriously, GAME is ghetto blunts, they look like those "Backwoods Rolled" hillbilly cigars you can buy in the same isle. They smell and taste horrible and fall apart quicker than a Chinese Motorbike.
  15. honestly games are the finest cigars on the market for rolling blunts. waay better than any swisher ever could aspire to be. games taste like perfection. backwoods are haggard amd games look nothing like them. the outer leaf on a game palma is the quintessential in terms of blunt rolling. tastes like regret? no way man. tastes like an earthy hazelnut mocha chronic delight all wrapped up in a blizzard.

    sorry if i am making no sense, but i love my games and they don't stock them ANYWHERE around me so when I see them, I stock up. I know I am not the only one who is down with the garcia y vegas. and nothing by them is ghetto. thats for sure.
  16. No, they're ghetto.

    Cigars made by a rap company or whatever. Pretty ghetto. Don't see any other way around it.
  17. would love to see anything backing that up. these are made by garcia y vega, not a rap company, and that is your opinion. why come into a thread dedicated to green games and hate for no reason??? just don't buy these cigars when you want to roll a blunt. you are obviously the minority here so i don't see the need for spreading lies. haha. word.
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  18. Anyone who smokes their fair share of blunts knows that Games are the truth. Green Games have a hazelnut flavor. True, they burn slow, but the taste wasn't my preference. Hand me a Vanilla and i'm good to go.

  19. Since when did Garcia y Vega become a rap company? STFU because you officialy know nothing of which you speak of. And seriously, why has everything you've said in this thread mentioned something in reference to 'ghetto'. Take your racist comments elsewhere. By your rep and post count, I would assume better from you, but I see otherwise. And you speak of Games falling apart? You obviously don't know how to roll, because if you had any knowledge or skill in it, you would know that Game's resiliance is nearly second to none. Speak on what you know.
  20. I really did think they were made by that rap group.

    My apologies.

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