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Do glass bowl pipes (spoon) need screen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So I picked up a glass pipe at a gas station. It's a spoon with a lil carborator on the side and a glass knot on the other side..looks pretty standard to me..

    Anyway..I'm I supposed to use a screen for this?
  2. Nah dude you don't need a screen at all let it resin up and get all sticky if you do use one make sure it's a glass screen

  3. Glass screen? Didn't see one of those..I grabbed 5 pack of metals for $0.50..
  4. naw dude. ya dont need a screen.
  5. Where do I get glass screens? O.0
  6. Yeah glass ones are a dollar each but don't even use one take my advice :). Works fine
  7. roll a little weed ball to cover the hole, then load the bowl on top of that.
  8. Sounds like that'd clog the hole...

    Hm...I'll try it. But I think I should get a glass screen too to be safe..where do you get em?

  9. Most head shops it's weird not to have them, but when your bowl gets towards being cashed, don't suck as hard
  10. No head shops near me. :( Any good cheap online with not insane shipping prices. I live in USA by the way..

  11. i got a free glass "screen" with my bub that i ordered online. don even use it. glass bowls are fine without em. believe me DOnt worry about it enjoy your new bowl. :smoke:
  12. Alright...

    It just really looks like the hole in the bowl is a bit large and my mid-weed will be shooting through..

  13. Haha, I thought the same thing when I first got my bong. I was like...But I have to have a screen! All of my weed is just going to end up in the bong water!!

    But that never happened. Don't worry about it, I don't use screens in my bong or my bowl, or my bubbler..

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  14. nah you dont need a screen for a spoon.
    like someone else said, jus roll up a lil "weed ball" or somethin and no it wont clog the hole completely, just enough so that it wont fall thru.
    enjoy bro

  15. What do you do with that little ball when the rest of the weed is burnt up?
  16. i imagine it would burn with the rest of the bowl... so dont worry bout it.
  17. Id say its personal preference. A while ago i was smoking with some friends, my friend was smoking out of this cracked ceramic bowl that used to be for tobacco so i pulled out my glass one and we proceded to just dump the quater burt weed from the ceramic bowl to the glass one. Well there was no screen on the glass one, and since we inverted it the ash was at the bottom, i wasnt thinking and took a deep toke, suddenly i heard a pop, saw the bowl lower a level, and feel ash fly into my mouth. Luckily it got caught on my tounge so none went into my lungs but it tasted like shit and caused me to do a spit cough combination (x2 creativity points).
    That proceded me to start using screens. I guess if you take care and find ways to keep the small ash out of the bottom of the bowl then you dont need a screen, but if you dont think about these things and you constantly get a mouth full of ash, then you may want to consider a screen.
  18. is a spoon the same as a bowl and pipe?

  19. old are you?
  20. Screen is unnecessary, but I personally would go for a glass screen.
    There are a lot of different designs, I personally like the jack shaped screens over the daisy ones, because the jack ones are symmetrical and will always be oriented properly in the bowl.
    I've seen honeycomb filters but haven't used them so don't know much about them, they seem pretty cool though.

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