Do girls like going to the beach

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  1. on a first date? or first whatever they call it these days. Especially stoner girls (which is probably the only girl that would answer here but whatever)
  2. like just you and her? i feel like a chick would be weirded it out and think you just wanted to see her in a bikini if it was just the two of you. itd be different if you guys went with friends.
  3. yeah that's spooky.
    Save it for a later date, bro.
  4. Well i know you read my last post lol... I cant do that because of previous things, and although i could bring friends, they all know her pretty well and i'd rather it just be us two alone. Especially since i don't talk a lot when theres girls around and im with my friends, I'd rather have a million awkward silences then have my friends with me.

    But yeah maybe that might seem weird, but it just seemed like such a great idea... she can listen to whatever music she wants in the car ride over there or talk but she lovess music so i predict it. Then the beach is like the biggest adventure/ relaxing place you can get around here.
  5. What beach and what time i mean if you live so cal and end a date with a walk on the beach that will kick ass
  6. IF i ask her tomorrow at school, shit ill probably just be like "wanna leave right now" and head straight over there. Noon if anything and if she does have fun in any way then sunset is not to far away.

    How unfortunate that i remembered i have night school at 5pm tomorrow, i CAN still make it work if i want though.
  7. No idea but i do know they like getting eaten out on it.
  8. Well i wouldn't mind trying that out either of course, i think i need steps, unless I'm pro and want to skip... but I'm not sooo
  9. Take her to something ON the beach, like a resteraunt or something. then after you two are done, ask her if she wants to take a walk on the beach
  10. bitches love beaches, their almost even spelled the same.
  11. I'm a chick and I hate the beach. Salt water makes you sticky and then all the gritty sand on top of that... no thanks. I do however thing it would be amazing to smoke a couple bowls and walk on the beach for the sunset/sunrise or even after dark. That'd be pretty kickass.
  12. I've never gotten how someone wouldn't know what to do on a date just take her somewhere you both like it doesn't have to cost a lot hell take her down town and walk around maybe stop at a food truck
  13. I love the beach but I think the boardwalk would be more fun for a first date.

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