do girls like "bad boys," or am I just a dumb ass?

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  1. don't really feel like listing every little detail about me and my history that qualifies me as such(might do so later o), but would such traits be best to disclose or hide from girls I wanna have sexual intercourse with?

    I recall one girl was turned on by the fact that I got arrested for doing a beer run. I resisted the two store security guards in the parking lot to the point of being peppersprayed:eek:. spent the weekend in jail. lawyer told me to go to inpatient rehab and claim alcoholism...yada yada. that chick was kinda weird, though...but, pretty hot nonetheless.

    and y'know. I've grown pot outdoors before...definitely not mentioning this unless I'm sure pot growing days are over.

    guess that's a sample of how a girl would either percieve me as a "bad boy" or a dumbass. girls like "Bad boys," right?:confused:...I don't think being a loser is a plus. these things could be percieved that way, I guess.
  2. idk i used to be really nice to girls that i liked. i would get them anything always be trying to help them give them rides and shit and text them all day. Then it always ended up that she would think of me as a friend whille in the backround im just like i wanna fug the shit outta ya. Then I started to not be as nice and when a girl asked me to do something i would pisss and moan about it and that ended up gettin me pussy :confused::confused:
  3. agreed ^^^.... we like assholes..... i myself like sweet assholes( this sounds sooooo wrong lol ), like one moment ur nice and then ur a total bad ass... :p
  4. haha thats how i play it off. Because really i am a nice guy and would do almost anything for my girlfriend but i cant let her know that so i go into bad ass mode and light up a spliff haaha
  5. ^I guess I'm getting off topic..whatever. I think it's bad to always be bugging girls by always texting them. My friend who knoooowwwwss eeeverrrrryyyything about women says otherwise and tries to give me advice to do so:rolleyes:. thing is(wow, more trailing off) this chick(HOT) has toonnnnss of guy friends always calling her and wanting to hang out with her and wanting to fuck her. and I'm like "fuck. I don't wanna be another one of her little worshiping admirers of hers." or whatever the fuck I should call em'.

    I think I'm just gonna tell her that she should call me if she wants to hang out. I used to wait for girls to come to me, so this whole pursuing women thing is a bit foreign to me.

  6. well..i dont like mama's boys...actually i dont like boys.i like men. to be clacified(by my standars) as a man hes got to have much more than a pair of balls.
    but hes got to be sweet and sensitive and HONEST generally/ and of course nice to me.
    not disgusting nice..
    more a "make my days and nights shimmer" nice
    but such stuff seem too hard to find..
    actually if i explained youd see that i actually ask much more..

    wenahaone when you see her, chat a bit about something she'd be intrested and ask her out.

    they are women who like loosers,or "bad" guys and women who like nice guys.and them who like the'll figure it out..
    not all women like the same
  7. I don't think it's so much about being bad as it is being super confident. That's one thing you can always say about "bad boys" they're confident as fuck, and women love that.

    Personally, I try to avoid women who have been with bad guys in the past. If their not smart enough to leave someone who treats them like shit, or makes fucked up choices, it says a lot about them. Just saying,,,
  8. You are right.

    their reign over terror ended but the two ugliest fucking dirtiest twins last year were able to get some many chicks

    after bringing a knife to school and other stupid trashy shit, dumb women of my school came to a realization...
  9. they like a guy who can take the reigns, as i've come to learn. only extra nourishing girls like nice guys but not for too long
  10. Don't try to be a "bad ass" or anything, dude. I mean, come the fuck on, do I really gotta say this? BE YOURSELF! If a girl doesn't like you because of the "stupid" shit you do, then fuck 'em. Y'aint need a bitch like that, you gotta sift THROUGH the bitches for the WOMEN. You can't act solely upon what girls "might" like. If you gotta chase that hard for pussy, then maybe you should just stop chasin' period and let the girls come to you.

    Yes, girls like it when a guy's confident. Be confident, just don't be the total fuckin' opposite of what you really are.
  11. divulging your "bad ass" secrets will be a mistake. Girls dont look for "bad guys" rather more for guys who are confident and have control.

    Personally as a lady I don't like those "bad ass" types. They are too much drama and arent worth my time. I like a guy who is smart, confident, and goal oriented (among other qualities)
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    thanks for the responses.

    It's not like I look forward to telling girls about those sorts of things about myself. It's more like it's linked to other things about me...a girl's like, "oh, why is that?" I'm like "ummmmmm...." not knowing whether disclosing such information is going to hurt my chances with her.

    I hope that makes sense.

    like ya. like thanks. like.

    edit: hey, gonemadwithmary- I don't have to try to be a "badass."......just wanted to clear that up.
  13. Ha, yea I think girlz like bad boyz, I'm not sayin' I'm a tough guy or nothin' but ya know I've alwayz been kind of a dick to girlz, they start yellin' at me I just tell em' to shut the fuck up and they shut up real quick, lol not somethin' to be proud of but sometimez ya gotta be more aggressive, everyone knowz I'm a very laid back guy but I just hate when a girl tryz gettin' big on me, maybe a girl just likez sayin' a guy flip out cuz they think that dude ain't nothin' to be fucked wit lol
  14. A lot of young girls go for the "bad boy" type, but it gets old. FAST.

    There's also a difference between being a "bad boy", and just being someone who's an asshole to women. I have no use for the latter.
  15. I would say I'm considerate and sweet but I definetly have a bad ass side to me, like I'll be a total asshole to some people but theres no way in hell I would be a dick to my girlfriend (Don't have one now).
    I geuss with girls I'll always be nice to them when i first meet them unless its pretty obvious that there a total bitch. With guys its like. "Down for my homies but NO love for a stranger" if you know what i mean. Still I'm usually nice to other guys at partys and don't usually go out of my way to start a fight with somebody. I don't have to look for them, fights come to me.
  16. If you think about it, the nice boring guys who oblige the girls they're chasing in every way turn them off completely with their approach. Jerks may not be the ideal man for a girl, but if they give her a reaction of some sort and a challenge, they're going to come off as attractive in some caliber, certainly moreso than a pansy who appears to have no spine.

    You don't have to be an asshole to get women to like you, I'm just saying it's not surprising that it has that effect on girls.
  17. Word. It's all about confidence, if a man is comfortable with who he is women are going to notice that. This is what trips up many a guy sometimes, they're so busy trying to become something they aren't that the true power of their personality gets drowned out in favor of a stereotype. And like in acting, one can only play a role for so long before it's time to retire the role, in other words a man can't hide his insecurities forever.

    Confidence begins by being comfortable in one's own skin, and how many people can actually say that truthfully?
  18. You just got to be confident in yourself and know how to talk to a woman. From my expierences, the women I mess around with are fed up with the way their man talks to them or how they don't give them any attention or their man doesn't have a big enough dick to do the deed.

    So be confident, know how to hold a conversation, and lay the law down in the sheets.
  19. in the woman's perception.. if you're too nice of a guy, you're easier to take advantage of. Girls do usually like "the bad boys" but usually not if they're that bad. I'm currently a senior at my highschool and looking at my former years, it seems like girls, at times, have just fucking flocked to me. Everyone at my school knows I'm a pretty huge 'stoner' and I got in trouble every now and then but not to an extreme extent. I was nice to girls, but guys who I didn't like or I thought were assholes, I let them know. I think girls knew that and knew I stuck up for myself.

    that's from my point of view I guess. Don't know why I said some of that in past tense.. as much of this still applies to me.. haha. I'm baked, :wave:
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    most women i know dont lik :devious:they arent agressive so somehigh school girlz may think :hello:but womenmost want?..........:eek: u 2 b ur self:D(but do defend their honor,which is ur honor if she means anything 2 u):smoking:

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