do girls find it weird if..

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  1. you talk to them online instead of in person?

    like if u walk past them, dont see them for a while then chatting online?
  2. yupp thats like stalker or scared status bud

  3. yaaa.... kinda brings up the question of why dont you talk to her in public? :confused:

    thats just what i think and if your trying to get with her im sure this is a turn off.
    just throwin my 2 cents. care to go more in detail like how do you know her?
  4. depends on the girl and how you start the converstation
  5. i mean she was in my class last year i talked to her everyday. but no same classes this year and i maybe even get to see her 3 times so far. like when walking by her eyes are just forward, like how ima go up to her when shes looking straight ahead( thats when i get scared and pussy and hate myself)

    then one day i walked out my class, didnt even realize she was there, as soon as i notice her, her eyes went from checking me out to pretending she wasnt looking at me agian.

    then 3rd time when like this.
    i said her name 1 time but it was like already class so shes just like hey.

    im pretty much making up all these bs reasons to not go talk to her even tho she squeezed my hand this 1 time.

    i KNOW she likes me, encourage me to talk to her idk why im not im so dummmmmb.
  6. well you know what you should do is... promise yourself your gonna talk to her 2marrow and if not you cant smoke dank for a year, haha theres some motivation. :D im sure you will choose wisely. well theres 1 option but really man if you know she likes you just talk to her no harm in that, i mean i cant act like it isnt hard, i have that problem too sometimes but girls like a "man" with confidence so just gather up the balls and do it bro you dont want her to get bored with you not talking to her or making an effort and moving on ya know? hell maybe even just ask her to let you take her out then yall will have alot of time to talk and then maybe you can lay the burro down soon haha good luck man!
  7. Grab your balls next time you see that open window and spit some of that game you know you have on the inside
  8. Well if you hard a hard time seeing them or see them only once in a while then it's okay. But if you see them everyday and keep quit to talk to them online later, that's just creepy.

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