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Do generation blunts work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by devils42491, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Yo'u know, taking the weed out of the roach, and putting it in a bag, rolling a blunt from it, then putting those secon'd generation blunts in'to a third and such. I have done 2 seco'nd gen blunt's and from my experience, i would say it is like at least a couple times better than hea'dies man(they ain't been the best recently tho). Some g'uy last 'nite flamed me and my friend w'ho does it with me, saying it don't work. Wat y'all think a'bout th'at
  2. I would imagine that the super-resinated roach weed would get you higher but i couldn't imagine it being as pleasurable a smoke. It would be kind of fun to save them up and do it though.

    I say, if you enjoy it don't worry about what other people tell you.
  3. it works for sure, gets you higher than a regular blunt because of all the resin that builds up in that roach. however, it probably doesnt taste very good. but with a blunt thats probably your best bet because whenever i smoke blunts all i can taste is whatever flavor the rello is
  4. ya if its roach weed of roach weed i would imagine it would be awful tasting, but if you can stand it and it gets you super high, go for it bro.

    why not get some headies and do this with their roaches, that would be killa for sure man.
  5. yea that works and if u save up madddd clips and roll a blunt with nothin but bud from clips its called a graveyard blunt and you get rippppped
  6. I mean, they'll get you fucked up, but there's a price to pay. I used to save all the roaches that passed through my fingertips, and once I had about 8-10 good sized ones we could roll a blunt of that stuff. It's just so harsh on your lungs, you'll be coughing your ass off. I think it's worth trying at least.
  7. No way man! Smoke passing through weed disables it, so it totally wont work, and wont get you higher due to the resin.
    ^^ :smoke:
  8. Experience tells me that you are wrong. Second generation joints/blunts will smash your face in, though it's unfortunate that they taste like ass.
  9. Like last week, me n my man rolld up 3 L's off of left over clips {n i mean leftover, we found like 30 clips} We unrolld them all n rolld up 3 Backwoods.....

    Now I'm not sure if it was due to the Backwoods {cause they hit so hard} or if it was cuz the budd was old BUT DAMN u wnt 2 tlk about gettn smackd? We were finished by the time we got thru the 1st L!!!

    i would recommend rolln in something tht doesnt hit so hard {maybe a dutch? white owl?} But it's defnitely worth it, esp if itz some goodz!!!:smoke:
  10. haha hell yeah thats what its called around here too.

    graveyard blunts are whats up...its good for those nights when your broke, and dont have even the last little shit turd nugget left.
  11. On a side note...what the fuck does that even mean?

  12. I think they meant tht cuz the budd was already used to smoke with it wont be as potent ~~> now as to WHY tht person believes tht BS is another story.....

    It won't do much really, no. A bit, sure. I do that with joints sometimes, but smoking tobacco resin from the blunt is just fuckin nasty.
  14. i laughed out loud
  15. as a firm believer never smoke resin, ive done this and yes. i can agree that it does blast your face.
  16. ive done this before and i got reallly couch lock high like all i did was sat there and hit the blunt lol
  17. Yeah, I unrolled my roaches and saved the super-resinated weed in a pill bottle. You know little bits of bud that fall out when rolling blunts? Save that .05-.1 and throw it in the same pill bottle. The fresh weed will make your graveyard blunt so much better. Last time I smoked one of these I was high after 2 hits and ended up getting RIPPED.

    Short version: wasting chronic is a crime, mix roach weed with some fresh bud and you're straight:smoke:
  18. WHAT? Tobacco resin? How u figure out tht one? Therez no tobacco resin from the budd, itz just budd resin, and it will get u SMACKED.....{unless itz a indica plant, thn u prolly just get sleepy....}

    Only downside is tht it hitz hard but if ur 1 who smokez outta backwoods or fanta or anotha cigar w/ a harsh taste u'll b aiigh
  19. it's not that complicated, the smoke from the burning tobacco leaf is inhaled with the weed smoke, so both of them pass through the clip. that's partially why graveyard blunts (never heard it but i like that term!) are so harsh... they're extra-thc'd but also tobacco tar wrapped in more tobacco.
  20. Why? It really wasn't that funny.

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