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Do Generation Blunts/Joints Get You Higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SilveradoStoner, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. A generation j is a collection of joint roaches that were combined together to form a new joint. I usually roll up my herb, and have had a pretty consistent stash of roaches for years. After smoking many generations I feel like they definitely get me higher than a regular l.

    So to my fellow blades: Are you even familiar with the generation system? Do you feel like they get you a little more lifted? Would you get higher as the generations continue? :confused:

  2. i just throw roaches in the bong...
  3. I can't do that, too harsh for my liking, and the taste is awful.
  4. so you smoke it in another joint?
  5. Am i the only one that throws away roaches?
  6. When I smoke a joint, I finish it. None of this second generation bullshit.

    OP I put it to you; is the second generation of Pokemon as good as the first? I think this will give you your answer :cool:
  7. well I dont use filters...so I can't hold a joint and literally finish...even with roach clips lol, so bong it goes..
  8. wow...a new term for ROACHES...

    kids, they is so cute.. :p
  9. how many roaches does it take to make a joint? im guessing like 10+
  10. Wtf... finish the joint when you smoke it dude ;)

  11. filters?..what are u talkin about?...i have never used filters since the day i started smokin..& i still smoke a joint or blunt till it doesnt exist...you jus gotta hold it right when it gets to small..but fuck i get every last hit.
  12. When i don't want to smoke a joint or blunt anymore, i toss the roach.

  13. I'm not American, my good sir. I live near London, "roaches" is a common term for what op is referring to. :)
  14. [quote name='"cball"']wow...a new term for ROACHES...

    kids, they is so cute.. :p[/quote]

    Read the post again, op still calling it roaches, when you roll up all the ROACHES in a J its called a generation blunt and yes it gets you as high or higher than a regular j.
  15. I haven't heard of that generation thing, but I normally just roll the roaches I don't save into my next J/Blunt.
  16. Whenever I get down to the end of a J of blunt to the point where it burns my hand or mouth, I ash it and throw it in the ashtray. Then by the time I have about 6 for a J. 10-12 for a Blunt. Its enjoyable, wouldnt do it any other way.
  17. [quote name='"brahmabull"']how many roaches does it take to make a joint? im guessing like 10+[/quote]

    depends on how big the roaches are. a generation j only takes 5 roaches
  18. I remember my friend talking about/doing it a while back when I first started smoking, but it's been a long while since I've smoked a blunt, and it seemed an interesting concept at the time.

    Reconsidering it now, you're just adding and consuming more tar with the tar that is going to be created from not only the cannabis smoke but also the carcinogenic tobacco smoke, which just sounds like adding insult to injury. I don't know how much tar harms your lungs, but I have too much cannabis to consider having to use it, mostly because I am more than pleased with not combusting my cannabis.

    Kief maybe on the inside of the blunt, mixed in with the weed, but otherwise roaches should get the can.
  19. Well I guess the op left after he realized no one really does this, and it prob taste a million times better through a bong then a another joint lol.
  20. Why would a roach get you any higher then a freshly rolled joint or blunt? Some people believe anything they hear I swear...

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