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Do Firecrackers Get You High? Are They Worth It?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Kushmas, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Do firecrackers get you high? and how much should i use for each, and how many should i eat to get a good buzz.. I know how to make them im just wondering if they're worth it?

  2. They get you higher than any other conventional method I'm aware of

    They are also healthier than smoking/vaporizing

    The problem is that you get MUCH more tolerant to them, MUCH faster. So it's sort of a once in a while occasion

    I would try using 1 gram for your first try. Break it up as much as possible, use organic peanut butter (it saturates into the oils better than non-organic; the only ingredient should be peanuts. you probably have to stir the PB)

    I used 1.3 for my first try and I was higher than I had been in years to my immense suprise.
  3. It doesn't have to be organic.  I think the poster above really meant 'natural peanut butter.'  It's very oily.
  4. Firecrackers are very, very nice. You need to give them time to take hold, though. My first few times I kind of gave up on them around the 1.5-2 hour mark, smoked a bowl or two and then suddenly noticed I didn't stop getting more high for hours.
  5. If I go on a t-break and eat the firecracker on an empty stomach i will get high. But if I smoke before and after, I dont feel shit.
  6. I personally like to use nutella for the taste, and because it's high in fat.
    But to answer your question, one gram of high-quality bud should be fine (unless you dab or something...)
    Use one whole grahm cracker.  Break it in half and spread nutella on each cracker.  Add .5 of finely-ground
    weed to each cracker.  Make a sandwich with the crackers.  Wrap crackers in tin foil.  Put it in the oven
    at 325 for about 25 minutes.  Allow to cool.  Get so high.
  7. If done right they can get you high as FUCK
    Just practice and you'll nail em

    My personal method:
    grind very finely weed from .75- 1.5 (even.75 of regs can fuck you up)
    spread pb on a couple crackers (no, not white men)
    sprinkle weed consistently on both sides
    sprinkle olive oil
    sandwich the bitch up

    pretty fucking easy if you ask me
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    if its your first time clear your schedule, you can get very stoned
    depending on the quality/amount of  herb
    start small then work your way up
    jus put .18g  of well ground dank into about a tablespoon of natural adams peanut butter....mix well, cover  for about 20 mins @ 320f     ...let it cool a bit, as it will burn your mouth
    I will be nice n stoned in about 1hr 15mins - 2hrs
    used to use olive oil, but stopped....imo I found no advantage of adding xtra oil unless the pb is dry
    I like to thinly slice a banana and put it on top of the already cooked peanut cannabutter...its da bomb!!! :smoking:
  9. HELL YES, i love firecrackers, i probably eat them 4 or 5 times a month, when i have 7+ hours to myself, complete anihilation lol
  10. I make firecrackers all the time when my rents leave for atleast like 2 hours. I get VERY fucked up from them, and yes they are worth it!

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  11. I ate 2 1g firecrackers and didn't get high, maybe I didn't cook them right, but if you can it's one of the easiest edibles
  12. Chances are you made a mistake at some point along the way. I have never been disapointed from a firecracker and my tolerance is up there lol. 
  13. Would you mind pm me the recipe you use? If it's too much trouble don't worry about it
  14. Ill just post it on here. It could benefit anybody.
    First off I use AVB (Already Vaped Bud). It is good to use this because the process of vaping weed de-carbonizes the bud which is the exact same thing that happens in an oven to make it edible. So with that you can skip several steps.
    If you don't have a vape you should make some canna-peanut butter with your fresh bud first. There are threads on how to make it, and its beyond simple. 
    Now onto the firecracker itself. 
    I make them in the form of smores without the marshmellows (although you could use them). So I take my peanut butter (already infused with cannabis) and I slather it on the graham cracker. I usually use 1.5-2grams of AVB or 1 gram of fresh bud in the peanut butter, and I only make a tiny batch so that it is really concentrated. 
    I put the PB on both sides of the cracker, then place half a bar of hersheys chocolate on there. I do this for flavor and extra fat content. 
    Now the tricky part comes in. I use a microwave. I recommend an oven with low heat, but microwave is easy and works. 
    The oven method is easier but if you choose the microwave method it will save you time but you have to be very vigilant!!!!
    You are going to want to go in a series of 10 second bursts with 15-20 second intervals between each one. You will want to have about a total of 1 minutes worth of microwave time and then your done. This is to melt the chocolate and let the extra thc absorb into it. The bursts keep the cracker from burning. If you see thick steam or boiling PB/chocolate then stop immediately!
  15. I appreciate it, gonna try it when I get back home in NC
  16. I ate 2 firecrackers with .3 in each about 2 hours ago and I am pretty fucked up

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  17. only way you could not get high from 2 grams worth of firecrackers is if your using reggie lol. i dont see how you could fuck up any other way
  18. Holly shit.... I thought kids these days where eating actual fucking fire crackers, just off of the title and the op I was like WTF then I read the comments.
    So brent how does it feel cracking open a cold one?
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  19. n
    looks like you got lost and stumbled upon the wrong website. but i will say i do enjoy "cracking open a cold one" on my days off.

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