Do extremely pretty girls like tough guys/gangsters?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by AdultBaby1, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. For long term relationships do they like the real tough guys? What about short flings?

    Or are they more into the chill yet melancholy type of guys?
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  2. Be yourself.
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  3. Don't be so shallow. People go for various characteristics so if you're looking for a long term relationship forget about the superficial and look for a girl with a winning personality, a lucrative career, and who is an only child of wealthy parents who have one foot in the grave.
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    you gotta love these insecure males

    vag's are human too, but think a lil differently, chumps do win and often, but can't last

    no commitment see, 18yo on here pls
  5. Ya I Do Like My Man Too Be Tough An Street Smart Those 2 Words I Would Use To Describe My Husband. He Will Do Anyting For Me An His Kids An Even If It Against The Law If It Comes To That. I Already Know How My Boo Operate He Crazy But Ina Good Way An The Kinda Man Who Confident An Who Can Keep His Mind Level An Handle Biz With Any Situation Wether It Protecting An Providin For Us Or Bein A Great Dad To Our Kids Or Makin Love To Me. That's Why He The Leader In Our Marriage An I'm His Beautiful Queen. We On The Same Page Always A Inseparable Team!

  6. You have got to love the Irish!! They are REAL men!! Not like my ex, a wife and child beater too scared of the boogeyman to give his 3 years to Uncle Sam and came running home to mommy, until the MPs caught up with him. When I hear that story I should have ran.
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  7. Ya You. Definetly Right Bout Irish Men Lbvs! What Do You Mean That Stuff Bout Uncle Sam An MPs Tho?

  8. Are you old enough for this website, my friend?
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  9. My baby daddy enlisted in the Army for three years and he couldn't take being away from home, so the last time he was on leave (time off to go home and visit family) he conveniently missed his flight back to Germany. So after a week, he was listed as AWOL (absent with out leave). And the Army's Military Police were looking for him. They found him so he got a bill for $1,500 from the U.S. Government and a "Other Than Honorable Discharge." After them sent him to Hawaii for psychiatric evaluation. He said that the trip to Hawaii was like a vacation to him. He's the type of man that wouldn't stand up to a bully or even just another man. But someone who would be just like their own father. Wife beater and child abuser. He threw our daughter up against a wall one time. That's when I stepped in. After that, I promised myself that I would leave him as soon as the girls were old enough to testify in court if there was a custody hearing. Which there wasn't as the kids came with me volunteering.
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  10. Girl His Name Adult Baby. *Cofusin AF* Lol J/K.

    Wow That Isa Messed Up Story Sis At Least You Away From Him Tho An Your Kids Too.

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  11. Oh, yeah. Both kids are on their own with college educations thank God!! Their dad didn't mess them up that bad. And my oldest daughter, thankfully, doesn't remember most of her childhood. I wonder why??
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  12. Wimps rule the coop.
  13. If I would have dated him for just 6 months, his true colors would have come out and I would have ran. But no one in both sides of the family have ever experience physical abuse. So I didn't know watch signs to look for.
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  14. Hope i didn't speak out of line it was silly meant. Just reading the thread now I see it got quite serious.
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  15. That's ok. You didn't mean any harm.
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  16. i made the comment without having read the comments above my zinger
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  17. Lol
  18. I would say it depends on what kind of girl are you trying to attract?

    When I was younger I tried to experience as many different kinds of girls I could.

    so I wouldn’t limit yourself to only one kind, just go into each one with the intention of not stay with her for to long

    as u see what girls are like, u will learn what u want to attract and what u do not want to attract. Mold urself to the kind of person u want that girl to see

    some girls like thugs, some don’t.

    hope that makes sense.
  19. Girls like confident men, thugs tend to be confident, even overly confident.

    Most extremely pretty girls like wealthy men though, not all, most.
  20. Rather than categorizing girls into specific types, it's more helpful to focus on building meaningful connections based on shared values, interests, and mutual understanding. By getting to know different individuals, you can discover what qualities and characteristics you appreciate in a partner.

    Rather than molding yourself to fit a particular image, it's essential to be authentic and true to your own values and aspirations. It's about finding someone who appreciates and connects with the real you. Attraction goes beyond superficial traits or stereotypes, and it's crucial to prioritize building a genuine connection based on compatibility and shared values.

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