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Do edibles work better on empty stomach?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by J-dubb, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I'm about to experiment with this myself but my friend says it's a more significant high when you eat on an empty stomach. It sounds right because I slightly remember not feeling very high when having cookies with a meal but having one in the middle of the day well before lunch and well after breakfast was kind of a more intense high.
    Can anyone shed some real light on this subject?
  2. pretty much the same concept of drinking on an empty stomach. the more food there is to break down the longer it will take to absorb so the less food the faster/bettter it will be.
  3. you should eat on a full stomache. or you may feel sick
  4. Sorry, but eating on an empty stomach lessens your high! :(

    Science: Oral intake of a cannabinoid together with a meal improved bioavailability by avoiding first-pass metabolism (abst. - 2009)
    International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

    Intestinal lymphatic transport enhances the post-prandial oral bioavailability of a novel cannabinoid receptor agonist via avoidance of first-pass metabolism.
    (abst - 2009)
    Intestinal lymphatic transport enhances the post-p... [Pharm Res. 2009] - PubMed result

    What those two say is that when you eat, your stomach goes on a feeding frenzy and dumps what it grabs into the liver and it is quickly broken down. This includes the THC. It is broken down into less stony compounds. :( Yes, you get stoned, but not as high!

    The way to maximize your edible high is to eat something first, wait 45 minutes to an hour, and THEN have your edible!

    The stomach has done its trip and is "tired", so the food gets passed, virtually untouched, to the intestine. In the intestines, the THC is picked up and is sent directly into the blood stream and it reaches your brain! :D

    Granny :wave:
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  5. Wow, thanks for the info storm crow! :hello: I've been noticing too that when I eat on a full stomach, the high is better than on an empty stomach.
  6. What about having a lecithin pill before the edible?, would it make it better?
  7. i had a big burger and fries meal then someone gave me a pot brownie a half hour later

    I didn't get high
  8. I prefer to eat a small amount beforehand to "prime" your body. Today I had just a bowl of cereal then made a firecracker with about 1.5 g's of mids and took a few vaporbong rips. Its starting to kick in now and feelin stronger than any of my previous attempts which were all still pretty good.
  9. The full stomach thing explains alot. My first time trying edibles was last week (some kind of fudge/chocolate thing). I didn't get very high at all, maybe the equivalent of 2 decent sized bong hits. However my friend said he was blasted off his face lol. I hadn't eaten all day.
  10. I'm beginning to think it all varies on each person's metabolism.
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    Eating beforehand will start up your metabolism, so that could be it. Idk I'll just stick to smoking. Never failed me before lol
  12. Yeah personally I'd rather save myself the hassle and just smoke it. Not saying edibles aren't fuckin great but my friend has to use so much bud just to make decent cookies.
  13. If u eat a 1g firecracker on an empty stomach, you will feel the results much faster and the high will last for a regular amount of time, but more amplified.
    If you eat a 1g firecracker on a semi full stomach, then it will take a lil longer to feel the effects, but your high will last a lot longer, but it will also be more mellow
  14. Full stomach is better, see BKS's post above. :cool:
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    Yeah I enjoy full stomach a lot more... I usually eat one 20 mins after eating a meal, then smoke a joint if I want to be supa dupa high
  16. myfiancee and I have been consuming coconut oil unfused with weed fir three days in a row now.we each eat half an avocado hald hour before we make our oatmeal with whole milk mixed with the infused coconut oil..after we eat the oatmeal we each eat another half avocado and then wash down the whole thing with milk.not need to help your body absorb as much psychoactive compound as possible..avocado.coconut oil and milk are all high in fat and will help your body absorb much more of what you want..weve been getting so baked that after the buzz kicks in were glued to the bed laughing and playing video games for hours..till we pass out..
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    Try mangoes one hour before smoking/consuming baked goods. 30 mins before if you are drinking 100% mango juice

  18. Shut you mouth when your talkin to me
  19. I don't post often, but I love edibles so have n=1 tested this extensively. What I found for myself works far and away the best is having my edible with a very small amount of other food. I like beef jerkey, some chips and salsa or guacamole. But really anything. Just a few pieces of jerkey or 4 or 5 chips and dip or equivalent.

    Then, approximately 45 minutes later have a small meal around 500 calories or so. A sandwich, a salad, a mcdonalds $1 double cheeseeburger if I'm not feeling like being healthy. Anything really.

    This seems to work the best for me.

    I started trying different combos bc I have experienced the frustration of not feeling a thing but then other times getting blasted with the same batch. And also noticed that I wouldn't get effect on an empty stomach as well as after a big meal.

    No science backing this at all, just what works best for me.
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  20. I got really sick eating a brownie on an empty stomach.  I ended up sick all day, puking several times actually. I thought eating would make it better, but I would just throw up what I ate.
    I'd never eat an edible on an empty stomach again.

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