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Do Drug Testing Facilities Let Pee In Privacy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HOBOMAN, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Long story short, I have to take a drug test for a job in 5 days. I have been smoking every day for the past 10 days so I have decided that my best bet is to bring a friend's clean urine to the test. I am getting tested at a drug testing facility and I am wondering if they let you pee alone in a bathroom or if they watch you go pee. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated
  2. The one time I did it I was alone but they made me dump my pockets and I'm sure they listened outside the door. Plus they were really anal about not using the sink until they come in and not flushing the toilet. They also timed me, the first time I had trouble peeing and I took too long, second time I peed enough. They also temperature check the sample on the spot and run some basic tests before they shipped it off to the lab.
  3. For just a routine job screening you're definitely going to be allowed privacy (versus say probation). The second post is correct about temperature testing. Many people get screwed with the whole other people's piss thing due to this (needs to be heated up a bit).

    Read the million or so threads on here about this and you will gain a lot of knowledge that should give you your best shot.

    Good luck.
  4. What will be my best chance to pass the test? I might be able to take it next week after abstaining for 10 days. I frequently exercise and i have a very fast metabolism.
  5. If you bring someone's piss, you will have to strap the bottle between your thigh and balls for safe keeping and for temp. control. I did a test for Best Buy once, and they made me take off my pants so I was just wearing underwear.

    When you get there, pour the clean piss in the test cup first, then pee in the cup you brought to simulate the sound of pissing, close it back up and take it with you because it's sketchy if they don't hear any sound.

    Oh, it is also a good idea to keep the piss very cold before you are ready to use it. Then take it out on the day of the test, strap it, and leave it on you all day.
  6. I got drug tested to get in to primary school and this old man watched me pee :D just kidding , but i realy dont know i would guess so
  7. I just took a drug test for a job at labcorb in new york two days ago. they gave me privacy and didnt even make me empty my pockets. I used tinkly synthetic urine because im 6'5 325lbs and a heavy smoker. there was no way i would've passed without subbing. I put the synthetic pee in the microwave for 10 seconds (in 4 second increments) then i put on some tighty whities and put the stuff under my sack. it kept it at the right temperature, and by the time i had to pee for them, it was at 98 degrees. i just got a call from the job that i took the test for and I start next week! if you have the time and about $40, i would suggest buying synthetic urine. I don't know if its ok to microwave regular pee, but synthetic is a sure shot. just my opinion.good luck

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