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Do digital thermometers read higher if in direct light?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by wEEDhEAD1, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. ok so I have two desperate gigital hygromiters I just hang above my canopy. They read a constant 30c. The other day my fan went off for half hour and they read 40c. But I felt it was no where near that hot so I hung a cheap basic thermometer inside. All next to each other the digitals read 30 while the basic reads 26.

  2. I noticed the same in my room. i think it can. And if you raise or lower your light it should change, if the theory is correct. My bulbs are cool tubes and i can touch them no problem, even when 30 degree cold air is being pumped threw the tubes it still says 80-90 at my thermometer, i have had absolutely no problems out of mine though. Aslong as no signs of heat burn or anything. I wouldnt worry
  3. Yes hide thermometer s from direct light i have two that have probes that i stick to the ceiling for that purpose. I take temp readings from the top of the tent the floor is up to 6° cooler

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