Do different concentrates make your high different?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Caligreen530, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Can you give me examples becomes I’m starting to get into dabs but there’s so many different types

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  2. I would think it's the same as smoking flowers...depending on what strain(s) was pressed to get your dab will "determine what kind of high you'll have
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  3. I'm far from an expert when it comes to concentrates, as I usually only make bubble hash with my leftovers. I have had butane hash oil before, just haven't made it myself. Anyways, as for the OP's question, the quality and affect of any concentrate is going to be determined for the most part by the trichomes present in the concentrate. If it is full of amber colored trichomes, you're going to have a far more sedative and CBD active couchlocked buzz. If they are almost all milky white, you're going to have a far more cerebreal buzz that is more inducive to creativity and getting things done. If there are a ton of clear trichomes, this generally indicates the crop was harvested a bit early, and while it usually doesn't contain as much THC as the milky white trichs, it will still leave you with a very energized buzz, even more energizing than the milky white trichs. The other factor to consider is the strain that the concentrate was made out of, as you've concentrated the psychoactives off of that strain's buds. Hope I could help!
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  5. Bho is boring. Ethyl is boring. Live resin boring, co2 sucks. Rosin supposedly has the same high as vaporizing/dry sift. The normal high it's supposed to have. Dont know because vaporizers makes so much sense i dont need to try the hot new whatever, its always a commercial production trend reframed as a end user trend.

    Smoking is 90% tar effect. Most people who combust aren't even feeling the weed after a while. In fact I smoked some dispensary weed for the first time in years recent and it was exactly like smoking a tar ball scraped out of a pipe (something I'd never take the time to do myself in an illegal state, yet it's a buzz people are pay money for in the legal market? Mind blowing)
  6. Sounds like, with your personal preferences, you're better off just sticking to dry flower? I didn't see you mention bubble hash in your above post, but I'm assuming you've tried it as well?

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