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Do different colours of weed ash determine the quality of the weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Roflmazturr, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. If not, then what does the colour determine, or is it just nothing.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with quality. What I do know is that if it burns to a white ash, then the weed was flushed properly.
  3. Of course not. and kissapie is incorrect too I'm pretty sure. There are any number of variables about the plant and environment and curing that could change that, and then just how long you burn it for, some people dump out a bowl as soon as it starts to lose color, I personally stick it out till the white fluffy end. :smoke:
  4. Well the J i just smoked with my sister had white ash, and was pretty good shit. I'm kinda baked atm so i got alot to talk about ><

  5. Funny, I'm sober, and have almost nothing to talk about, and look at my post next to yours.

    You should see me go when I'm high:cool:
  6. If the ash of the weed turn white than that means that chemicals were used to grow the bud. You want your bud to turn a light grey color that means it was organicly grown.
  7. lol i dont think so, man
  8. Yeah, clean weed will give you a white snowy ash. Black ash, or darker ash usually means there is something other than just weed / it hasn't been flushed correctly.
  9. Were you guys all born in the same barn?
  10. No way man its the oposite i would get you a quote from a pro but i dont have that recorce right now or ever again. Ive heard people say its the opposite of what i said but it rly isnt trust me.
  11. It's neither. I'm sure under EXTREME conditions additives will change the ash color;but you're pretty much all wrong. The ash color is decided by many, many variables and cannot be traced alone to ash appearance.

    Hash on the other hand is a completely different story, but there aren't too many Americans on here with hash knowledge so it's really a moot point.

  12. Hahahaha.

    Oh god... I love this section. :p

  13. I believe he is correct. The color of the ash can tell you if it organic or chemically grown.
  14. Ehh...

    Lookin in my ashtray, Even off the same blunt ive got white ashes and gray ashes.

    White ashes more likely when the blunt hasnt been hit in a lil bit and gray ashes when its hit constant.
  15. It's all about how the plant was cured.
  16. More barn-mates? How can so many people believe this trash, but no one has a link to confirm?
  17. Wrong white ash means it was cured or dried correctly. Black ash means it wasnt cured or it was just shitty.
  18. Are you on drugs?
  19. You know that black ash you're talking about? Keep burning it and it will turn white. It has absolutely no correlation with the quality of the weed. Any weed that you burn for long enough will turn a white/grey color. Once it starts turning from a dark brown/green to that white/grey, it's done. Anyone who's smoked more than a few times should know this.
  20. Hahah omg this is the first time I've been in this new section and I gotta say this is hilarious!

    What are you all talking about>? cured right, cured wrong, grown organically or hydro ?? That doesnt mean shit for the ash color.

    Go smoke a .3 bowl and hit it like 10 times. Its probably white. Now go smoke another and hit it 5 times. its probably much darker cause its not completely burned up like the other is.

    hahaha man this is funny

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