Do different alcohols give you different effects??

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  1. For me whiskey always gets me routy and vodka just gets me horny lol, post your different "drunks"??
  2. Liquor gives me a lets go fuck shit up drunk, and beer gives me a lets chill and spread some good vibes drunk.
  3. Whiskey or any brown liquor makes me super relaxed. It's more of a stay at home and chill out, watch a movie alcohol. Clear spirits are liquid cocaine and make me energetic. Great socializing drinks. Any other coloured spirits usually just make me get an upset stomach from all the sugar(jager, rum etc).
  4. Tequila usually = projectile vomit and passing out in somebody's yard. Fun stuff.
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  5. Tequila = Energetic, crazy nights
    Vodka = Aggressive
    Whiskey = Horny
    Beer = bloated, shitty feeling that make me want to do nothing (I dont like beer)
  6. Can anyone explain the science of why some give different effects? I've always assumed alcohol is alcohol, some drinks have more and some have less.
  7. Its placebo, 35% or 40% alcohol will have the same effects no matter what color the liquid.
  8. I could be completely wrong but I think it mainly has to do with how much sugar was used when it was distilled. Or at least something to do with the distilling process. kind of like with bud. Some have more thc which gives you a more heady high and some have less with more cbd giving you more of a body buzz with little to no psychoactive "high". I definitely get different effects and they are in no way placebo. But they don't seem to have to do with the abv,
  9. i love me some tequila.. wake up feeling like a champ every time!
  10. I get oddly philosophical when I get drunk.
    Maybe that's just the whole being Irish thing. I don't know.
  11. [quote name='"Twee"']I get oddly philosophical when I get drunk.
    Maybe that's just the whole being Irish thing. I don't know.[/quote]

    Me too.
  12. Beer: drunk
    Liquor : end up really drunk

  13. When I get drunk on a gin I will get very philosophical. I am from the Motherland as well :p

    For me it's:

    Beer: Great mood, down for anything.
    Wine: Very relaxed and hazy.
    Tequila: Intense as fuck!
    Whiskey: Mellow and chill.
    Vodka: Bad feeling in my stomach starts before I get drunk.
    Rum: Very happy.
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    Bourbon and cola = Rowdy probably cause of the caffine

    Beer = Bloated and relatively calm its all love

    Vodka = Court case

    Tequila/Rum/Whiskey/Jager and the likes = Feel like clubbing, Socializing

    I pretty much only ever drink bourbon though.
  15. Beer: Relaxed, happy, drowsy, sad, euphoric, nostalgic
    Vodka: Drunk, angry, burning out, spinnen, puking.
    Wine: Happy, smiling, social, expressive, sexual
    Whisky: Chillen, warm, "fuzzy", hard-headed, tunnel-vision.
    Tequila: confused, forgetfull, short-temper, euphoric, "wired", suspicious.
    Rum: mashup of everything above lol.
  16. liquor is all the same to me....i really dont drink beer.
    although vodka definitely gives me a hangover when other's really dont
    how the fuck does whiskey make you horny??? it's made with rye which is supposed to make it harder to get an erection.
  17. I drink rum and I hold on to the grass to keep from falling off the earth.
  18. Dunno, but it leads to crazy sex for me
  19. There's a reason it's called Whiskey dick...
  20. Beer= Chill and wanting to just hang out
    Whisky=Very happy but lets fight anyway! or I just do stupid stuff.
    Rum=Chill and very talkative
    Vodka=I dont drink it
    Wine=Hazy and happy.

    All of it is probably a placebo but thats generally how I am. Honestly the feeling I get is probably because of how I consume the alcohol, not because of what it is,

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