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Do Detox Pills/Drinks work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CrossGore, May 15, 2011.

  1. Well i have to get a job within the next 2 weeks... I was wondering if the detox products really work? If you have any experience as to which i should buy and stay away for? Money isn't really issue... I want the best if I'm going to be putting it into my body!

  2. my friends whos father was on probation uses them all the time. smokes then pops one pill or something like that. Pretty sure they work
  3. The best way to pass the test: don't smoke before.

    Detox kits don't work. Don't waste $100 on one, they're scams. The only things that do work are synthetic urine, you can easily hide the container in your pocket. Google synthetic urine and you'll be able to find some, they're much cheaper too around $30.
  4. SOME work....most do nothing read reviews b4 buying anything
  5. No, there is absolutely no consistency when it comes to those methods. Just don't smoke for 3-4 weeks depending on your tolerance
  6. your all half-right.

    Detox pills and drinks can work, like someone said before, read the reviews.

    It all depends on how much fat you have, how much nutrients your body preserves in a meal, and how much is disposed. Detox pills will flush your system pretty good, and they do help, but i've seen several cases where a frequent smoker took 3-5 piss tests, all passed, and without even smoking or being near smoke pissed a positive between 3-8 weeks after last use. This is because the THC is stored in your fat cells, and if you are unlucky enough to burn the wrong pile of fat cells, it can randomly come up positive.

    The most efficient way to do it is work HARD. Nows your time to work out, run, get motivated to get in shape. I prefer to eat very little and drink WAY TOO MUCH for the first couple days, (make your body use your fat for nutrients while flushing thoroughly) and sweat. This speeds up the process a great deal, depending on how much fat and how hard of workout.

    Cranberry juice is claimed to be a better flush, i drank nearly 2 gal a day for 3 days before i was sick of the shit, but its worth a try. And its almost kindof fun to sit and watch TV trying to empty that 1/2 gal. xD

    Sweat dude. Lots of liquids, and sweat = victory

    Justy dont do this 2 days before the test. They can detect if most of your urin is water.
  7. Well I was 12 weeks clean then thought I had the job... Byt I didnt, so smoked like 4 days in a row :/

    Thanks for the answers! If it gets tough I guess I will use the synthetic urine!
  8. 12 weeks clean and smoking for only 4 days should be pretty good with the sweating and cranberry/water.
    I pissed clean after 3 weeks having been smoking nearly everyday. A lot depends on how your body process.
  9. ^this.

    Some people get it out easy, others... dont. Which is why id say every little bit helps. Instead of trying one thing, TRY EVERYTHING. xD oh, and another thing, make sure that if you take the test for real, make sure its not your first piss of the day.
  10. Do away with toxin: The motive many people buy detox tablets is to clean toxins like THC or nicotine out of their structures. this is finished mainly in an effort to check poor for this stuff in a urine drug take a look at.

    Better weight loss plan or diet: you usually should comply with a more fit diet while going via a detox technique. Many detoxes tablets kits propose keeping off dairy and fatty or greasy ingredients.
  11. Do not wreck your insides by flushing it out with those drinks, I've used them a few times when I was in my 20s and the whole process sucks and your still not sure until you get the results.... just buy the quick fix already made urine and dump it in the cup, your body will thank you later....

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