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Do Detox drinks work? Test Pure Drink.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kibbles, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. i just purchased

    that product at a local store, it is backed by a 300% money back guarantee.

    any have sucess or failure with detox drinks? and what about test pure platnium magnum force? will it clear my system if i follow the directions to the max? and quit smoking 7 days before my test?
  2. bump, emergency.
  3. should work just fine dude.
  4. i need to make sure, the rest of my life depends on this drink.
  5. can't hurt trying it.
  6. the drinks work.....but i used mine 4 yrs ago......dunno if the testing changed,,,,,also i used a drink called XXTRA CLEAN .....hope this helps......just dont go around trying home remedies ir drinking pickel or bullshit drinks.......or get fake too
  7. It's not for sure going to work every time. I would use it as per the instructions on the box but just make sure to drink lots and lots and lots of fluids 4-5 hours before the test and keep drinking and peeing as you need to. If you're worried about urine color B vitamins (not time released) taken 2 hours before the test will make you pee nice and yellow.

    The drinks didn't always work for me, I was on supervised probation for 2 years and failed a couple of drug tests. The above method seems to work best, a lot of people talk about using niacin but I've heard it's not so good for you if you take lots.
  8. one more bump. any more opinions? im looking for people with first hand experiance. thanks. drug test is oct 27th
  9. u said ur whole life depends on this... and if the test is on the 27th, dont stop 7 days before, STOP NOW.

    10 days time and the use of that ought to work.
  10. im done as of now, what else should i do? im just loaded up on water and apple cider, i heard plenty of thc comes out in solid waste as long as you excersise.
  11. lol you want solid waste your your pounding apple cider???

    dont expect that to be so solid rofl
  12. i had a freind that used a detox drink he said it worked but was a pain in the ass. you have to chug like half that bottle then fill it up with water and chug the rest. then you have to drink more water. take 1 piss then hold your piss till your DT. and it only cleans you up for like 4 hours.

    id say quit now dude dont even risk it anymore. 10 days excersice and eating healthy foods should help you. And if you take that drink before you test you should be good.
  13. Ok, guys... Here is how them drinks work:

    Simple - Dilution

    Or in other words... They work by having you flood your body with water. This dilutes the amount of THC metabolites that will be found in your urine (as your urine will be mostly water).

    Under normal circumstances (IE, if you were to do this without drinking the "juice", but just drank mad water instead), your creatine levels (as well as other shit) would rat you out - and they would know you were flushing your system.

    When you drink one of these "Detox" drinks - you're not really clean. The metabolites in your system are just diluted substantially (usually enough to trick the test). The drink works by making your piss look like normal - undiluted piss. It replaces the creatine, and other crap that would normally rat you out.

    If you follow the directions on the bottle EXACTLY, and don't smoke for a good amount of time before the test, you should be OK... Exercising, green tea, and other such methods that increase your metabolism are all good ideas, as they will help lower the levels in your body, and make it more likely that the drink will dilute them enough to not be detected. You would want to stop doing this a couple days before the test, though - as they actually (temporarily) increase the amounts of metabolites found in your system (increased metabolism = increased rate of THC being burned out of your fat = more metabolites in your piss).

    DT's work based on levels. Each place has their own guidelines as to what constitutes a "hot" test (ie, how many nanograms of metabolites per ML of urine). If your nanograms are below this level, you will test as clean, if they go above, you test as hot. Dilution works by lowering the amount of nanograms per ML of urine.

    Get it?
  14. qft

    People waste money on this "cleansing" drinks thinking they have some magical ingredient that makes you clean, it's just diluting your piss and making it look normal. If you want to spend money to pass a urinalysis then buy fake pee, these drinks are just a waste of money.
  15. well the test is tomorrow at 10am EST. ive been drinking 16oz of water every hour for 36 hours, and tomorrow ill follow the instructions to the max and hope i pass, or hope someone sends me soap on a rope.

    i will let everyone no if this drinks works, as i have been looking around since i got it, and found no definitive answer.

    and if i dont post after this, that means the worst has happened. (im in jail or have fled to Canada)

    peace out, wish me luck
  16. We hope to see you back soon.
    GC can wait go pass that DT.
  17. yeah good luck dude, you're gonna need it! :smoke::wave:
  18. well, i puked up the drink..... it was really gross. so my mom called the abuse place and told them i had the flu....bought me til the 11th, no more fuckin around.....
  19. Haha, the first time I tried using a drink when I went to my first court date a long time ago I threw it up in my kitchen too. Just don't smoke until the 11th and you should most definately be clean. If you have any doubts, go to Walgreens or something and buy one of those little testing kits for THC and try it.
  20. lmao I didn't even know they had those things

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