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do dehumidifiers produce distilled water??

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by NNorthernlight, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Hello... I heard dehumidifiers produce distilled water as a result of the whole process.... could I use the water I "make" to germinate and to refill my reservoir when I need to??? Bottom line... Is it good water what I find in my little tank every day???

    See ya
  2. Kind of, but no. It should say right on the dehumidifier to not use the water.
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    Don't guess. Take a sample of the water into PetSmart and have it tested. Then you'll know exactly what's in it.

    In sterile environments with ultra-clean machines and the best air filtration around, maybe you will get pretty pure water. In your closet----almost definitely not. It will need to be filtered thoroughly; probably not worth the effort. Fill your toilet tank with it or some other use of water that doesn't need to be drinkable if you want to be green or thrifty. Don't give it to plants or animals.

    ETA: you can purify it if you want to make your own still. It doesn't have to be spendy if you don't want to make beer or lotion or some other perishable product from it. You can just use clear tubing and a crock pot; Google for "DIY still" or whatnot, and don't shy away from lotion-making websites or brewing sites and such; they're looking to accomplish the same thing.

    Edited again to add: no need for electricity; constant supply of distilled water if you have the space! http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Water/Water.htm#Distillation
  4. A dehumidifier produces what's called condensate, (there's a hint...it's not even referred to as water!) same as an A/C produces...would you drink your A/C drain water? Gawd I hope not, cuz that is some nasty stuff! It's only good for flushing toilets, and even that's a maybe!
  5. I disagree with Conan. Condensation is dangerous stuff to use, and you have a virtually free alternative at every faucet in your house. If you're going to put any time and effort into the situation then use it to buy a filter for your water and just use that.
  6. Why do you disagree with ME? I told him to get it tested and not to use it for plants or animals, that it was probably filthy. Really? What do you disagree with?
  7. This is what I disagree with. Like I said, no point in going to the effort to test dehumidifier condensation when, as I said, there is a virtually free alternative available all through the house. No point to taking the time and effort to even mess with condensation, just fuggeduboudit and use filtered tap water, problem solved.
  8. Unless you're the type of person to doubt what strangers on the internet are telling you, especially when they seem to contradict each other so often. Best bet to make sure someone doesn't use their dehumidifier water is to direct them to their local PetSmart, where for a small fee they will get proof that their particular setup, not matter how clean it looks, is indeed unsuitable for use.
  9. If that's what you want to do with your time and money...
  10. seriously.... total waste of time and money... just get a filter... I have a cheap one in my sig

    how much is this water testing you speak of?

    my filter is 65 dollars... six stages of filtering... 0 parts per million:wave:
  11. Hey Guys... thanks to everyone for partecipating in the discussion.... I was wondering about it because I have to run a dehumidifier to keep my RH at 50% (otherwise it's around 80% without it :eek:)..... anyway since I produce around 2 liters of water day in day out I was wondering if I could use it and someone I know told me this bullshit about dehumidifiers.... and you know what... I'm not going to use it ..... I have access to good water anyway and wasting a few liters of condensation water is not going to make me end up in hell is it??

    thanks and all the best!!
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    90% of this thread is bullshit. It doesn't matter what you think about dehumidifier water,..what matters are facts.
    Water from a dehumidifier comes in at about 10PPM.
    Those 10 ppm are not naturally occurring minerals, (they were all removed in the evaporation process), but impurities from the air as well as some naturally occurring salts that are formed in the exchange process of the condenser
    I have to laugh when one poster said "Its called condensate...its not even called water." This shows the level of BS on this thread.

    Condensate is/means, a solid that has formed from a gas(In this case...water vapor turning into water.)
    Condensate is no more partial to water, than it is nitrogen, helium, or any other gas!

    So, the fact that you don't even know what condensate means, makes the rest of your opinion pretty shaky.

    The crap that wasn't even discussed here, (lead solder runoff, copper runoff), is bullshit too. Dehumids haven't used lead solder in years, and even if they did, lead doesn't run. Half the water supply pipes in New York City, Boston, etc, are lead lined, and they have been for 50 years. Regarding copper...every pipe in the modern day home is copper...it doesn't run-off.

    Dehumidifier water is fine to use. Add a little Cal-Mag, as you would to RO.
    Cut thru the bullshit! Ask Ed!
    Dehumidifier water | Cannabis Culture Magazine
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    then if you are right I have been running around taking gallons of water for the past 7 months for nothing!!! Winter came and my well water fucked up big time... :(... since it's been pretty humid lately I get almost 1 gallon every 24 hours .... you know what... I'll take a clone grow it for 1 month with "dehumidified" water only and see for myself..... if it turns out healthy I guess you win and I'll finally have a very happy relationship with my dehumidifier....:wave:

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