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Do dabs smell as much as weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Marco0811, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I'm just wondering, still live with the rents but I'm just trying to keep it on the dl
  2. I feel like they don't smell as much. They have a different smell to them too.
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  3. I dabbed and sploofed and it doesnt smell like anything
  4. What the hell's a dab?

  5. It's like a cannabis concentrate and you smoke that instead of smoking the usual bud. It also gets you waaayyy higher than your traditional way of smoking. Here's a video, I'm bad at explaining: LONGEST DAB ON YOUTUBE? - YouTube

  6. Different concentrates smoked, or "vaporized," usually on a titanium nail or glass bulb but they can be topped on herb. You can make your own hash, or find someone who makes wax or budder. :wave:

    ^Adding on to what he said.
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  7. It does smell in my opinion, but not like flowers.

    More like a stringent oil smell or some shit. When you really think about it, the smell of BHO or the like is very hard to explain.
  8. just about anything you heat up is gonna release some kinda smell, the question is does it smell like something your neighbors would recognize, let alone care about and is is releasing enuff smell to get out for someone to catch a wiff of it.....I wouldn't sweat it unless your neighbors are dicks or you have a beef with them
  9. I smoke dabs ones about a year ago. It does smell but not pretty bad. I don't think that you gonna have any problems with it..
  10. So basically just hash?
  11. Usually hash oil, not hash, but a dab is a specific way of smoking it
  12. He specifically said parents not neighbors, big difference
  13. I've always thought it smells less. Definitely a different smell too. I think it smells less because there's no burning plant matter involved. Just concentrates, which don't have nearly as much biproducts, obviously
  14. Huh, must be a regional lingo thing. I've literally never heard that before.
  15. Not really regional as far as I know, if you're not in an area that oil rigs are common then that's probably why you haven't heard of it.
  16. I know I'm late to the party here... But that by definition would make it regional...
  17. Why even reply lol dude hasn't been online since 2014...
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