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Do Dabs Reek?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KhanGGura, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. So I have been hitting dabs for a little while now. Iv smoked them with my cousin inside his room. He always hits dabs inside and his room reeks,but he also has a shitload of weed in there so that might be it. But I always smoke them outside, he tells me that the smell goes away in about 15 minutes. So to be sure, to all you dabbers, how bad does it reek if you hit a dab inside? My paps sleeps in the room next to mine, would he be able to smell it?

  2. It's technically a vapor, so he's right the smell will dissipate quickly.
    But yes, it does smell at first.
  3. ^ This..the smell goes away faster but dabs definitely give off a dank smell.. I got my old manager to take a dab inside during our shift and my coworkers all immediately smelled careful

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  4. Okay do like as soon as you hit the dab on the nail it takes a second then gives of a rankity dankity dank smell like when your driving and you know damn well you aren't smelling a skunk and its some good shit. I usually do a dab, open the window and walk down the road to the gas station and get a drink and by the time I'm backs it's cleared out.
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    IT has a faint smell only in the room you do it in.

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