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do cookies tea and just plain eating it get you as high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spymasterwade, May 10, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if you eat it or make a tea out of weed dose it still get you as high
  2. from what i know..but im not very experienced that if the bud is heated it can get you high...such as a homemade tea bag, cookies, brownies etc...i suppose if you heated the bud and ate it straight i guess you could? lol not sure man. just smoke that shit likes its meant to be :smoke:
  3. yes it does get you as high but I have been told it's kind of a different high because you are eating it your body processes it different
  4. It's a different feeling. I make this butter sometimes:

    Put a cup or so of butter in boiling water until it melts
    throw in some weed
    simmer for a half hour
    filter oil/water mixture through cheese cloth or t-shirt
    put liquid in fridge
    the butter that solidifies on top is good stuff :smoke::smoke:
  5. well to eat it, it has to be disolved into alcohol or heated with a fat (like butter. hence the term cannabutter). the result is a product you use like butter. you can spread it on toast or use it in regular cooking. i love putting that shit on waffles :D the high itself is WAY more intense and lasts a whole hell of a lot longer. the difference in the high is hard to explain. i get a huge body load from edibles and if i make the cannabutter from a sativa, my mind expands to the moon. its a clearer high. instead of getting high and seeing things in a new way, edibles make you wonder what the fuck you are looking at. i love edibles.
  6. smoking it will get you highest the fastest
  7. ;):smoke:
    and then the first time you smoke the next day.......
    it all comes back kinda......:)

  8. its like a mini *something thAt i Cant say wIthout Diversion* flashback. i love the placebo effect :3
  9. smoke that shit like its meant to be, I have never been a fan of edible MJ.

  10. then you havent had it done right.....or it was just too much for you....(of coarse thats just my opinion!) i dont see how anyone could possibly not love edibles!

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